Monday, December 28, 2009

Rudi Zygadlo in Session

Final post of the year and I don't really know what to say about this mix. I know my faith in dubstep has been slipping... But then along comes this. All I know is that I've been playing it on repeat. Fucking sensational.

From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 10 December 2009.

1. Rudi Zygadlo – Friendship Came In A Small Re-sealable Bag Planet Mu
2. Nero – Night Thunder Z Audio
3. Rudi Zygadlo – Layman’s Requiem Planet Mu
4. Torqux – Relentless (16 Bit Remix) Wicky Lindows
5. Sprutbass – Matt Huffley Dodpop
6. Rudi Zygadlo – Filthy Logic Planet Mu
7. Rudi Zygadlo – Missa Per Brevis Planet Mu
8. Rudi Zygadlo – Manuscripts Don’t Burn Planet Mu
9. Rudi Zygadlo – Udu And Clave Planet Mu
10. Rudi Zygadlo – Vow Of Rhetoric Planet Mu


Rustie – Live from Warp 20

Someone already found this in my Mediafire account and posted it to dubstepforum so it's already had massive downloads. An actual live set from one of my favourite artists, Rustie. From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 10th of December, 2009.
Anyway I think it's a live set. None of the vocal stuff he usually plays in his DJ sets is in there and as suspected (and confirmed at dubstepforum) it's all his own stuff. Great to hear Bad Science, one of the years greatest tracks and also Jagz The Smack! Been a while since I heard that in a set.

Fucking awesome music I recommend to everyone.

No tracklist.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reso mix

From the same show as the Peverelist mix and a great way to show how dubstep has become more of an umbrella term than techno once was. Imagine explaining to an alien that the style of music on both of these mixes is called dubstep. Especially when there's a million names for all the different kinds of house music that all sound pretty much the same... I guess that's how dubstep got tagged as being "experimental".

I'm not too sure about Reso. Metal Slug was a fucking wicked track but after that he became a bit too drum n bassey for my tastes. But then he goes and samples one of the best movies of all time so I had to dip my hat to that. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there unconvinced by Reso, but even if you are you should try this mix as it's quite good. Way more subdued than his productions. OK maybe not way more... (I have it in the headphones now and some chainsaw-type sounds just started. I gotta listen to these things more before I start crapping on about them...)

Alpha Wave Movement — Alpha Wave Movement
[unknown] — Rock My Boat Dub
Asianova — Futek
Ramadanman — Oity
ENA — Use Your Imagination
Iohan — Blow
Benny Page & Zero G — Ain’t No Joke
Stripper — Stripper (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
Flush — Losers (feat. Riz MC & Envy, Skism Remix)
Numan — 7th Key (501 Remix)
Maroon Chant — Gemmy
Light Weaver — Elemental
Code Four — Numan
Just Say — Synkro
Someone — DJ Madd (Breakage Remix)
Reverse — Scuba
Price — George Lenton
Halogen — Photek
A Quiet Innovation — Alpha Wave Movement


(Why can't everyone just format their tracklists 'artist-title-label'?? It's Christmas Eve and I way too lazy to change it to match the rest of the blog. Merry fuckin' Christmas everyone).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peverelist mix

From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 3 December 2009. As much as I find it hard to get excited by most dubstep these days I was looking forward to this quite a lot. Not that I'm that into Peverelist's tunes, but for the fact he did easily one of the best mixes for MAH last year. He straddled the line of minimalism without ever getting boring or repetitive and has repeated the trick really well with this new mix. Not really a contender for mix of the year this time (more to do with my tastes right now than the mix being not as good), it's still an awesome sequel to last years masterpiece.

Dubkasm — Strictly Ital (feat. Ras Addis, Peverelist version) – Dubplate
Peverelist — Revival (feat Pinch) – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Not Yet Further Than – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Bluez – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Jarvik Mindstate – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Yesterday I saw the Future – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Esperanto – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Valves – Punch Drunk


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dimlite mix

From the same show as the Ben Frost set, I wonder with most people creating their mixes on their laptops these days, why can't more be like this? All these songs in 15mins, truly a mix for today's iPod orientated world. Great fun also.

Chicago – ‘Fancy Colors’ (CBS)
Ron Geesin – ‘Electro Rhythm’ (KPM Music)
Some loop
Imp Girl – ‘Vandal C*ck’ (according to the Anagram Jam compilation) (Fat City Recordings)
Charles Earland – ‘Journey of the Soul’ (Mercury)
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart – ‘Willie the Pimp’ (Rykodisc)
Captain Beefheart – ‘Peon’ (Reprise)
Todd Rundgren – ‘There Are No Words’ (Ampex Records)
Delia Derbyshire Moaning
Dungen – ‘Fredag’ (Subliminal Sounds)
White Magic – ‘Sun Song’ (Drag City)
Smoke – ‘Lobotomy’ (MPS Records)
Elan Tamara Mottley – ‘Oh Papa’ (white)
Bruno Spoerri – Lilith – ‘Singing In The Dark’ (Finders Keepers)
Dimlite – 8 bars of an alternate version of something unreleased
GLK – ‘Birthday Music’ (white)


Monday, December 21, 2009

Ben Frost mix

Fucking sensational mix by Australia's Ben Frost from Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 12th of November 2009. After releasing one of the best albums of 09, we also get treated to this amazing set of tunes that really justifies the name of Mary Anne's show. I have it going again through the headphones as I type this and I really can't imagine how to describe it. If you're even remotely into left field music then jump on this ASAFP.

Iberian Lynx – ‘Hissing’
Ben Frost – ‘Killshot’ (By The Throat Lp)
Burial – ‘Shutta’ (Ghost Hardware Ep)
David Lang – ‘Cheating, Lying, Stealing’ (Cheating, Lying, Stealing Lp)
Cloaks – ‘Oyaars’ Remix
Swans – ‘Alcohol the Seed’ (Soundtracks for the Blind Lp)
Ben Frost – ‘Peter Venkman Part II’ (By The Throat Lp)
Killer Whales Hunting Herring off the Coast of Norway
Ben Frost – ‘Through the Glass Of The Roof’ (By The Throat Lp)
The Cure – ‘The Figurehead’ (Pornography Lp)
Daníel Bjarnason – ‘Bow To String III, Air to Breath’ (Processions Lp)
A Breathing Snow Leopard
Tim Hecker – ‘Blood Rainbow’ (Harmony in Ultraviolet Lp)
The Cure – ‘Disintegration’ (Disintegration Lp)
Ben Frost – ‘Ó God Protect Me’ (By The Throat Lp)
Lions, Territorial Chanting


P.S. This mix may have kicked off my first Cure phase in about ten years. Awesome. I think.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Modeselektor Mix

Killer mix by Modeselektor from Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 29th of October, 2009. I was let down by their recent mix CD and was starting to think that they should maybe stick to the studio, but this mix has turn me right around. Really recommended.

Re:group – ‘Antichance’ (Jesse Somfay Adiabatic remix) (Detund)
Hatti Vatti – ‘Different Music’ (Mindset)
Wax – ‘10001b’ (Panamax remix) (Subsolo)
Unknown Artist – ‘Cm3 Skank’ (Idle Hands)
Robert Hood – ‘Range’ (M-plant Mpm)
Aoki Taakamasa: RN Rhythm Variations – ‘RN2-09 PT1 + PT2’ (Raster Noton)
Thom Yorke, John Matthias, Trinity College of Music String Ensemble & Nic Pendlebury – ‘Cortical Songs’ (Neuron Trigger Mx) (Nonclassical)
Patrick Cowley & J. Socarras: Soon – ‘Soon’ (Kink Remix) (Macro)
Cristian Vogel – ‘Mungo’ (Snork Enterprises)
Joy Orbison – ‘J.Doe’ (Doldrums)


Daedelus mix

Fun mix by Daedelus from Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 22nd of October, 2009. If you've heard a Daedelus mix before you know what to expect and to get downloading.

Daedelus – ‘Intro’ (Unreleased)
Daedelus – ‘C’est Super’ (Unreleased)
Daedelus – ‘Bonjour’ (Fair Weather Friends EP) (Ninjatune)
Daft Punk – ‘Better, Faster, Stronger, Mixing’ (ED)
Fake Blood – ‘Mars’
Mr. V – ‘Hypnotik’
Zomby – ‘Float’
Acen – ‘Close Your Eyes’
T2 – ‘HeartBroken’
Daedelus – ‘Experience’ (Invention) (Plug Research)
Daedelus – ‘Snowed In’ (Of Snowdonia) (Plug Research)
Mr. Oizo – ‘Stunt Moustache’ (Half A Scissors)
Madvillian – ‘Accordion’ (Stones Throw)
Daedelus – ‘Make It So’ (feat. Michael Johnson) (Ninjatune)
Stone Roses – ‘I Want To Be Adored’
Sticky – ‘I’m In Love Feat. Young London’
Daedelus – ‘My Beau’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Jilted’ (Unreleased)
Beach Boys – ‘Don’t Worry Baby’
Depeche Mode – ‘Enjoy The Silence’
Daedelus – ‘Fair Weather Friends’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Far Withered Friends’ (Death Set RMX) (Ninja)
Daedelus – ‘Only For the Heart Strings’ (Ninja)
Coldcut – ‘Man In A Garage’ (Daedelus RMX) (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Like Clockwork Springs’ (Ninjatune)
Daedelus – ‘Hrs:Mins:Secs’ (Ninjatune)


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kode9's Bubble 'N' Squeak Mix

Another Kode9 mix. This time from XLR8R. Old school UK garage and 2-step is the flavour of the day. I can't believe I'm calling shit from 99-02 old school...

01 M Dubs feat. General Levy "Sweet Love" (Wildstar)
02. DJ Narrows "Dreams" (Resurrection)
03. Moreso "Take My Hand (Dem2 Over There Dub Mix)" (Locked On)
04. Horsepower "Classic Delux" (Tempa)
05. Ordinary People "Ghetto Lovin Dub" (Social Circles)
06. Monie Love "Slice of the Pie (El-B Dub)" (Relentless)
07. Lucy Pearl "Don't Mess With My Man (Wookie Dub)" (Beyond)
08. Bass Masters "Bass Bug" (black label)
09. Groove Chronicles "1999 The Remix" (Kinky Fox)
10. Mario Cee feat. Alexia "Negativiti (Chris Mack 2 step)" (Electric Melt)
11. Chris Mack "Baby Gonna Rock Dis" (First Class)
12. DJ Double G "Get Loose" (DFL)
13. Pay As U Go Crew "Know We" (Solid City)

Get from XLR8R

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kode9 in the mix

Kode9 back in promo-mix mode. From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 8th of October 2009.

2562 – ‘Intro’
2562 – ‘Flashback’
Cooly G – ‘He da Biz’
Zomby – ‘Untitled’
Geneus ft. Ms. Dynamite – ‘Crackish’
Kode9 – ‘Black Sun’
Grevious Angel – ‘Get Down Low’ [Unreleased Mix]
DJ Mystery – ‘Speechless’ [DJ Naughty Mix]
DVA – ‘Natty’
Roska – ‘I Need Love’
Moska – ‘Square One’
Ikonika – ‘Psoriasis’
Fuzzy Logic – ‘In the Morning’
Fuzzy Logic – ‘Roots’
DJ Mujava – ‘Please Mugwante’


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shackleton in the Mix

Stunning mix by Shackleton. I was disappointed when they killed Skull Disco but this new shit is making it worth it.

From Mary Anne Hobbes Experimental 9th of September.

Jackal Deep
Let Go
Deadman 1
Negative Thoughts
Deadman 2
Time for Love
Moon Over Joseph's Burial
Mountains of Ashes
Tremblin Leaf
Cyclical Bass
There's a Slow Train Coming


Friday, July 17, 2009

Clark Mix

This came out of nowhere. It wasn't in the "coming up" section and after falling in love with the new album Totems Flare, I couldn't have got a better surprise than this, Clark doing a 30 minute mix for Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental for the 15th of July 2009.

No tracklist again this week but I can tell you it's a good one. Opening with a track from what was easily one of my favourite albums from last year, Harvey Milk's Life... The Best Game In Town, just blew me off my fucking seat. Headbanging at my work desk did follow. Then mixing from that into Rainbow Voodoo, one of the highlights from Totems Flare, made me realise I was about to get into one of the best mixes from the show all year. A few more tracks from the album are on there and other artists like Zomby get an airing as well.

One thing though, when he launches into Hypnotize by Biggie, a track I fucking adore, all the swearing has been taken out and it sounds FUCKING SHIT. That's one thing that's always bugged me about the MAH show. It goes out at 3 in the morning, yet they constantly edit swearing. I just think if you're the kind of person that gets offended by swearing in music, don't listen to the radio at 3am! It's not like it's prime time, yet we're subjected to versions of songs that sound like they're being played on some Video Hits type show. And with hiphop, there's more that's cut out than what's left in! So we get to hear Biggie rap every fourth word. Awesome. In this it sounds like he's fucked it up a bit more to kind of hide the swearing edits but, it doesn't work. Leave the swearing in or don't fucking play hiphop. Simple.

Anyway that's seriously the ONLY downside of what is an incredible mix.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Mochipet Mix

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental, 8th of July 2009.

I'd been meaning to check out Mochipet for a while. I was going to download his XLR8R Podcast but after browsing the tracklist it looked a bit too much like a silly mashup set so I didn't bother. And after listening to his MAH mix, yes it is like that but he just pulls it off somehow. Silly animal costumes and all.

Tracklisting to follow


P.S. That "tracklisting to follow" is copied and pasted from the BBC website. It's basically code for "there won't be a tracklist for this mix".

P.P.S What You Know by T.I. still rules. And Bump by Spank Rock is still pretty cool, even when being banged into MJ's Thriller.

Guido Mix

Was looking forward to this as I really like the Punch Drunk record I have of his. This mix might be a tad too safe / mainstream for my tastes but it definitely has its moments.

Guido - ‘Get Up Remix Featuring Yolanda’
Guido – ‘Shades Of Blue’
Guido – ‘Chakra’ (Punch Drunk)
Guido – ‘Beautiful Complication Featuring Aarya’ (Punch Drunk)
Guido – ‘Tango’
Guido – ‘Rush Remix Featuring Jurgen Jnova’
Guido – ‘Orchestral Lab’ (Punch Drunk)
Guido – ‘You Do It Right’
Guido – ‘Cat In The Window’


Computer Jay Mix

Final mix of the show, Computer Jay from the USA.

Computer Jay – ‘L.A. Stand up’

Computer Jay – ‘Rare Type’

Computer Jay – ‘Zoom’

Computer Jay – ‘Epiphany’
Computer Jay - ‘Chopped Pants’

Computer Jay – ‘In Vain’
Computer Jay – ‘Maintain’

Computer Jay – ‘What should I Think of you’

Computer Jay – ‘Amiss-Long Lost’ [Computer Jay Syntax Error remix]

Computer Jay – ‘Rotunda Reminisce’
Computer Jay – ‘2600 Ways to Krush’ [Circuit Bent Atari mix]


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jack Sparrow in the Mix

First up on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental from the 1st of July is a deepish dubstep set from Jack Sparrow.

Jack Sparrow – ‘Sniven’
DJ Pinch – ‘Get Up’ Feat Yolanda [J.Sparrow Rmx]
Headhunter – ‘Experience’
Jack Sparrow – ‘Terminal’
Jack Sparrow – ‘The Chase’


PUDGE in the Mix

Insane instrumental hiphop from P.U.D.G.E

Radiohead/Pudge – ‘MotionPudgetureSountrack’
PUDGE – ‘Vengetables’
PUDGE – ‘ExpandingHand’
DevPudge prod. PUDGE raps – ‘GetRight2day’
PUDGE – ‘BlackRose’
PUDGE – ‘LoverlyDay’
PUDGE – ‘AwaaayWeGo’
PUDGE – ‘SigNature’
PUDGE – ‘OffTheWallz’
PUDGE – ‘UV The Universe’


Shortstuff in the Mix

Awesome 2Step action from the UK's Shortstuff.

Shortstuff – ‘Mrs Moog’ (White)
Shortstuff & Hyetal – ‘Don't Sleep’ (White)
Shortstuff – ‘See Ya’ (White)
Martin Kemp – ‘No Charisma’ (Blunted Robots)
Shortstuff – ‘A Rustling’ (Ramp)
Shortstuff – ‘Stuff’ (Ramp)
Shortstuff – ‘Behave’ (White)
Shortstuff & Geiom – ‘No Hand Signals’ (White)
Shortstuff & Hyetal – ‘Ice Cream’ (White)
Shortstuff – ‘Regression’ (Forthcoming Wigflex)


Monday, June 29, 2009

Dorian Concept Live at Sonar 2009

Some of Dorian Concept's live set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


The Gaslamp Killer at Sonar 2009

Some of GLK's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Martyn at Sonar 2009

Some of Martyn's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Joker at Sonar 2009

Some of Joker's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Mike Slott at Sonar 2009

Some of Mike Slott's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Hank Shocklee [Bomb Squad] at Sonar 2009

Some of Hank Shocklee's DJ set from Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FACT Mix 59: Subway

I don't normally post mixes before hearing them but I'm just too excited about this. It's different to pretty much everything that’s been posted on this blog, but the tracklist just looks too delicious not to share.
The only Subway tracks I have are from the latest Soul Jazz Singles collection and they definitely stand out from the rest. The sound has so much in common with the electronic music of the 70s, especially stuff from Germany, but still retains a modern feel, and never feels like a pale imitation. Subway's German influence is very obvious here with tracks in this mix from Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Harmonia (which is what their Soul Jazz tracks most sound like) and the more recent sounds of Basic Channel.
They also play a few legendary bands from the noise scene, including personal favourites Wolf Eyes and Black Dice.
They also play a tune from one of the Stereolab/Nurse With Wound collaborations - I never got around to hearing this so I'm pretty excited.

Space Machine - Untitled
KK Null - N-02
Black Dice - Night Flight
Ash Ra Tempel - Ocean Of Tenderness/Sunrain
Subway - Monochrome
Syn - TAT 93
Wolf Eyes - Ancient Delay
Kraftwerk - Atem
Throbbing Gristle - Dream Machine
Stereolab/Nurse With Wound - Trippin' With The Birds
Chris Carter - Clouds
Subway - Theera
Subway - Delta II
Kraftwerk - Airwaves
Tangerine Dream - Madrigal Meridian
Throbbing Gristle - AB/7A
Cluster - Heisse Lippen
Subway - Simplex (Gatto Fritto Mix)
Harmonia - Notre Dame
Basic Channel - Mutism
Cluster - Fotschi-Tong
Kraftwerk - News
Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique
Ash Ra Tempel - Lotus Part 1
Sunroof - Silver Zero

Download from the FACT website

Friday, June 19, 2009

Toddla T Mix

Only one new mix on the Mary Anne Hobbs show this week (17 June) from new Radio 1 signing Toddla T. Mostly dancehall style beats with a hiphop and grime flavour.

Anzyil Jones – ‘Had Enough’ [Toddla T Dub] vs :Toddla T ft Trigganom – ‘65’ (Dubplate)
Toddla T – ‘Do You Know’ [Robert Gordans Dub]
Roots Manuva – ‘I’m A New Man’
Esser – ‘Satisfied’ [Toddla T & Ross Orton RMX]
Toddla T ft Tinchy Stryder & Siobhan Gallagher – ‘Butter Me Up’
Toddla T ft Tinchy Stryder & Mr Versatile – ‘Safe’
Grand Puba – ‘Get It’ [Toddla T RMX]
Bashy – ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’
Tricky – ‘Council Estate’ [Toddla T & Duckbeats RMX]
Toddla T ft Benjamin Zephaniah & Joe Godard – ‘Rebel’ [Skream RMX]
Filthy Dukes – ‘This Rhythm’ [Toddla T RMX]
Toddla T ft Trigganom – ‘The Boom DJ From The Steel City’


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009


First mix of the Mary Anne Hobbs show from the 10th of June 2009.

Hopefully most of you downloaded the amazing TOKiMONSTA Brainfeeder podcast from a few weeks back, cause if you did you'll know what to expect and I can write as little as possible. The quick version is LA's TOKiMONSTA, signed to Flylo's Brainfeeder label and making very exciting instrumental music using a wide variety of real and computer-based instruments. It's always good to hear real instruments being used in this type of music and it gives TOKiMONSTA's sound a vintage quality which is a total win in my opinion.

TOKiMONSTA – ‘Playing With Toys’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘So Sick’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘Last Night's Blurry Memories’
TOKiMONSTA ft Gavin Turek – ‘Moon Bloom’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘Fall Dreams’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘Questing’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘The World is Ours’


Kotchy Mix

This mix by Brooklyn's Kotchy really blew me away. It's like he's deconstructed hiphop and then rearranged it in a variety of different forms, from the bare bones minimalist vibe at the start to the more straight up vocal stuff further in. I recommend this mix to everyone. You don't have to be into hiphop, in fact sometimes it strays so far you don't know what to call it! But underneath is the spirit and soul of hiphop.

You might have heard the song One For The Money. Awesome, awesome tune. It comes in at about 4.35 if you're counting. Such a good track.

Kotchy – ‘Raise Your Eyebrows’ (89 / Civil Music/Seclusiasis)
Kotchy – ‘Falling In Love’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘One For The Money’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘Sing What You Want’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘Holla’ [I'd Have To Be High EP] (Civil Music/Seclusiasis)
Kotchy – ‘Stick Around’
Kotchy - ‘Barbara Cocker’


The Clonious Mix

For the final mix of this week's show we have some more Austrian madness along the lines of Dorian Concept. More vocal than DC which really changes the dynamic, in a good way though, creating something a bit more accessible and (a word I always hate to use) funky.

The Clonious – ‘Dataflow feat. Dorian Concept’ (Ubiquity Records)
The Clonious – ‘Oily Glue’ (Ubiquity Records)
2bo4 – ‘Flags & Words’ [The Clonious Mix] (Sonarkollektiv Faults)
Tettory Bad – ‘Don't Push Feat. Ty’ [The Clonious Mix] (Sunshine
Enterprises/Jazzy Sports)
The Clonious – ‘Emora’ [Dorian Concept Mix] (Ubiquity Records)
The Clonious – ‘If Joe Had The Power’ (Ubiquity Records)


Thursday, June 11, 2009


I discovered Clubroot from his Mary Anne Hobbs mix back in early March (just before I started this here blog) and have been meaning to post his mix for ages.
Originally broadcast on the 11th of March sandwiched in between Boxcutter and Jega, you'd think that sharing a show with those two he would be in danger of being overshadowed, so I was happy to be blown away as soon as this started coming through my headphones.
I'd heard his set during the day while listening to the entire show and it sounded pretty good, but it wasn't until after I cut out the mix and played it through my headphones that it really started to make sense. From the very start with its lush synthy intro I was hooked. Then the beat came in and I started to realise how oldschool the mix is, from the garage beats to the rave-like atmospherics. I guess a similar artist would be Burial, but only in the sense that both artists seem to be looking back for inspiration. Whereas Burial creates mood and atmosphere through his recording techniques and "rough" finished product, Clubroot just seems intent on making awesome dance music that captures the spirit of many genres past.

I finally got around to posting this mix (it's been in my Mediafire account for ages) because his album is out this week and judging from the tunes here, it's an essential purchase.

Clubroot – ‘Orbiting’ (Dubplate)
Clubroot – ‘Lucid Dream’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Nexus’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Talisman’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Sempiternal’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Embryo’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Birth Interlude’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Toe to Toe’ (Dubplate)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kito video clips from Void

Just two short clips of Kito playing at Void on Friday. When she dropped Murderous Words my night was complete! We had the club darker than normal so not the best footage, but then it's a pretty accurate portrayal of life inside the Void.

Also some drunken photos here. And some professional-looking-type-pics will up soon at

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brackles Mix

Sorry about taking so long to get these up. That's life.

Opening the mixes for last week’s show (3 June) is the man that's going to make garage a valuable commodity once more. You might have checked out his FACT mix that I linked last week, either way you should check this out as it's mostly his own tunes including side A of his upcoming record for Planet Mu.

MSRKRFT feat. John Legend – ‘Heartbreaker’ [Brackles Remix]
Martin Kemp – ‘No Charisma’
Brackles and Martin Kemp – ‘Graffiti’
Brackles – ‘Lizards’
Tempz – ‘Next Hype’ [Brackles Rmx Instrumental]
Brackles – ‘Rawkus’
Brackles – ‘LHC’


Blue Daisy Mix

Consider this: You're a young law student from London that also makes beats, you drop some tunes into Mary Anne Hobbs' SoundCloud and a few weeks later you're in the studio for a live interview to talk about the mix you've done. This dude's success story is so modern he even bypasses Myspace...

Blue Daisy – ‘Krash Blip’
Blue Daisy - ‘Scars’
Blue Daisy – ‘Shallow Vicinity’ (Black Acre)
Blue Daisy - ‘Wolf’ (Black Acre)
Blue Daisy- ‘Boggie Man’
Mono/Poly – ‘Jetstream’ [Blue Daisy Rmx]
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ [Blue Daisy Rmx]
Blue Daisy – ‘Segregated Minds’
Blue Daisy - ‘Winter is Blue’


16bit Mix

Final and best mix of the show with most dubstep sounds covered, from the nice dreamy stuff at the beginning to the cartoon style music of the last track. The best track has to be Chainsaw Calligraphy though. It's 'ard as fuck.

Lisa Gerrard – ‘Space Weaver’ [16bit Rmx] [Dub]
16bit – ‘Serum’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Snipers’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘ADSL’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Skyline’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Jump’ [Southside Dubstars]
16bit – ‘Panic’ [Heavy Artillery]
16bit – ‘Chainsaw Calligraphy’ [Boka]
16bit – ‘FunHouse’ (A Whole Lot Of Fun) [Dub]


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raffertie Mix

Here's some more audio tomfoolery from Birmingham's Raffertie, recorded for Rob Da Bank and Friends on the 1st of June 2009.

Raffertie - 'Hole'
Kanji Kinetic - 'Deep Down South'
The Squire of Gothos - 'Old Skool S***'
Raffertie - 'Pumping Like Reeboks'
Diplo & Laidback Luke - 'Hey (Foamo Remix)'
Baby D - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy (The Artful Dodger Remix)'
Vanilla Ice - 'Ice Ice Baby (Acapella)'
Aretha Franklin - 'Deeper Love (Acapella)'
Benga & Coki - 'Night'
2 Unlimited - 'Tribal Dance' (Telstar)
George Michael - 'Freedom' (Columbia)
2 Unlimited - 'Let The Beat Control Your Body'
Fragma - 'Toca's Miracle'
16 Bit - 'Panic'
Dubwise - 'Pull Up'
Reso - 'Smash Your Face In'
Reso vs. VENT - 'Rumble'
Raffertie - 'Eyes Closed'
Jakes - 'Rock The Bells'
Joker & Ginz - 'Purple City'
Starkey - 'Starting Gates'
Akira Kiteshi - 'Boom N Pow (Raffertie Remix)'
Raffertie - 'Vomit Riddim'
Akira Kiteshi - 'Ming The Merciless'
Raffertie - 'Antisocial (B. Rich Remix)'
Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Always Like This (Raffertie Remix)'
Raffertie - 'Stomping Grounds VIP'
Raffertie - 'Sugar'


If you missed Raffertie's mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in January, click here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

n5md Label Sampler with Bitcrush

And now for something completely different. The latest podcast from XLR8R brings us an hour and twenty minutes of really nice post-rock. Unfortunately post-rock has become one of the genres with more generic shit being released than actual good stuff, it's just lucky that when the good stuff is good, it's really fucking good. All I have to do is remember the first time I heard tracks like Mogwai Fear Satan or East Hasting by Godspeed and I realise why I do love this genre and why I still give new post-rock bands a chance.
So it's good to hear some new stuff that's really exciting. Granted not all of this "mix" is post-rock (XLR8R don't actually use the term when talking about the set, probably due to the site's electronic leanings) and not all of it is, but by the time Six Points Of Fire by Lights Out Asia finishes you're gonna want to buy a guitar. And lots of pedals.

SubtractiveLAD - Filament
Hologram - Moon
Plastik Joy - Twenty-ninth Of April
Arc Lab - I Wish I Could Tell You
port-royal - Hva (failed revolutions)
Bitcrush - Fathoms
Last Days - Run Home
Another Electronic Musician - Green & Olive
Proem - Alt Enter The Busket
Near The Parenthesis - Cerda's Plan
Lights Out Asia - Six Points Of Fire
Funckarma - Magaz Stinged
Ruxpin - Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable

Go to the XLR8R site to download

Monday, June 1, 2009

FACT Mix 29: Brackles

Brackles seems to be blowing up at the moment. With a 12" on the way from Planet Mu and a set on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental this week, I think we'll see Brackles leading the charge in the re-emergence of all these garage and two step sounds.

Check out his mix for FACT from back in Feb.

Martin Kemp – No Charisma - dubplate
DJ Mystery – Speechless - mp3
Roska – Gone To A Better Place - Roska Kicks and Snares
Greena – Actual Pain - forthcoming ApplePips
Vincent J Alvis – Body Killin (M-Dubs Breakbeat Funk Vocal) - Babyshack
Mickey Pearce – Innami - dubplate
Brackles – Lizards - forthcoming Applepips
Agent X – Killahertz (Alias Remix) - Heatseeker
Big$hot – Stomp - White
Joker & Ginz - Purple City - unreleased
Zomby – Aquafresh - Hyperdub
Untold – Anaconda - unreleased
Youngstar – Bongo - DDX
Brackles – Getajob - forthcoming Applepips
Zomby – Strange Fruit - Ramp
Dexplicit ft. Gemma Fox - Might Be - More2dafloor
Brackles – LHC - dubplate
Menta - Sounds of the future - Sounds of the Future
2562 – Circulate - Tectonic
Brackles – Glazed - Berkane Sol
Tempz - Next Hype (Brackles Remix) – forthcoming No Hats No Hoods


Sunn O))) Live in a church

Belgium, last Tuesday. Just look at that wall of amps...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dub War Mix Built by Dave Q, Joe Nice, Badawi and Incyde feat vocals by Juakali

It's battle of the US club nights on this week's Mary Anne Hobbs Show, 27th of May 2009. First off is an epic 48+min mix from the NY club Dub War.
One of the best things about this mix is the Darkstar track. You can hear a snippet of it in their Hyperdub Showcase mix from last year but it doesn't do it justice. Those strings building up over the garage beat, bliss. One of those great tracks that's almost cheesy but just manages to pull it off. We need an album from these guys now.

Badawi – ‘More of the Same’ [Spatial Remix] (The Index)
Darkstar – ‘Untitled’ (Dub)
Brackles – ‘Rawkus’ (Dub)
DJG – ‘Apophenia’ [Jus Wan Remix] (Dub)
Mickey Pierce – ‘Innami’ (Dub)
Untold – ‘It's Gonna Work Out Fine’ (Dub)
Ramadanman – ‘Bleeper’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Rollin’ (Dub)
Kutz – ‘Freak’ (Dub)
Distance – ‘Twilight’ (Dub)
Mala – ‘Explorer’ (Dub)
Badawi Feat.Vengeance Tenfold – ‘Dstry Prfts’ [Shackleton remix] (Dubplate)
Badawi – ‘El Topo’ (Forthcoming The Index)
Badawi – ‘Lost Highway’ (The Index)
FaltyDL – ‘Tronman’ (Dub)
Incyde – ‘Patter’ (Dub)
Scuba – ‘Klinik’ (Hotflush)
James Blake – ‘Air and Lack Thereof’ (Hemlock)


Low End Theory Mix Built by Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer & Nobody

It's time for LA's Low End Theory to step up with mixes from Daddy Kev, The Gaslamp Killer and Nobody.

Daddy Kev
Flying Lotus – ‘Data Entry’ (Unreleased)
Nobody – ‘Mr. No Zero’ (Unreleased)
EPROM – ‘Lick Out’ (Unreleased)
Dibiase – ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased)
TV On The Radio – ‘Red Dress [Glitch Mob Remix]’ (Interscope)
Nosaj Thing – ‘Caves’ (Alpha Pup)
Hive – ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ (London/FFRR)
Mono/Poly – ‘The Beatles’ (Unreleased)
Take – ‘Make Believe’ (Eat Concrete)
Ras G – ‘Earthly Matters’ (Brainfeeder)
Freestyle Fellowship – ‘Got You On The Run’ (98Sessions)


Gaslamp Killer
Egyptian Jazz Intro
Joker – ‘Solid State’ (Self Released)
Synchro - ‘Hold Tight’
Timberland – ‘50cent Inst’
The Piranha Sounds – ‘La Turbie Pirhanienne’ (Finders Keepers)
Gerhard Trede – ‘Signals’
Dimlite – ‘Feedback Children’
Samiyam –‘Fishsticks’
Mainframe Edited
NIN – ‘Closer’ [GLK edit]’
Flying Lotus – ‘Interferrence’
Dimlite – ‘Ravemonds Young Problems’ (Beat Dimentions)
16bit – ‘Funhouse’
GLK – ‘Low End Outro’


Oh No – ‘Alarms’ (Stones Throw)
Ras G – ‘Manson and Cher’ (Unreleased)
Ras G – ‘Alter Destiny’ (Unreleased)
Flying Lotus – ‘Break Face’ [One for GLK]’ (Unreleased)
Free The Robots – ‘000001’ (Unreleased)
Mono/Poly – ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased)
School of Seven Bells – ‘Trance Figure [Nobody Remix]’ (Ghostly International)
Busdriver feat. Myka 9 – ‘Manchuria [Instrumental]’ (Anti/Epitaph)
Oh No – ‘Raw Stew’ (Stones Throw)


Remember to keep an eye on Low End Teory's podcast page. Great mixes every month.

The Chaser is back

From last night's epsiode. Classic.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FACT Mix 25: Gemmy

Excellent mix by Gemmy for FACT Magazine. Coming out of Bristol, Gemmy is easily one of my favourite dubstep producers right now, confirmed by the release of the amazing Planet Mu 12" Supligen. Gemmy is all about the Bristol sound, big synths and slow almost-hiphop beats with menacing basslines beneath. Obviously a must for Joker fans.

Jakes - 'Nyabingi'
Rustie - 'Black Block' Remix
Gemmy - 'Purple Moon'
Gemmy - 'Johnny 5'
Kutz - 'Spaceman' VIP
Davinche - 'Jam Hot' Remix
Joker & Ginz - 'Purple City'
Joker - 'Do It'
Gemmy - 'Shanti Riddim'
Gemmy - 'Kodoma'
Gemmy - 'Rusty Tin'
RSD - 'Pretty Bright Light'
Gemmy - 'Bk 2 The Future'


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TOKiMONSTA - You Don't Need Pepto You Need Some BEATS

This is an awesome Brainfeeder podcast I stole so make sure you check out their website. LA's own TOKiMONSTA brings us 40 minutes of colourful psychedelic beats.

No tracklist so here's a pic of TOKiMONSTA in action.


Monday, May 25, 2009

AGF/Delay mix for Symbiosis on Overlap

AGF/Delay released their second album this year and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I really like both artists on their own, AGF's 2008 album Words Are Missing was one of my favourites of the year, but something about the album didn't really click with me. I enjoyed it and all I just found that after a few weeks I kind of forgot it was there. I might have another go now after hearing this mix. The tracklist is one I normally dream about with amazing artists like William Basinski, Fennesz and Steve Reich alongside more mainstream names like Tricky and Ms Dynamite. It might seem a bit ambitious but it works extremely well, creating a mix that's organic and human while being synthetic and alien at the same time. Very recommended.

1. Aavaavaa - Helsinki Caving In
2. Alva Noto - U_03
3. AGF - Her Beauty Kills Me (unreleased)
4. AGF/DELAY - Congo Hearts
5. Uusitalo - Nälkälaulu
6. Ø - Unien Holvit
7. TBA - March In Ocean And Falling Asleep
8. Erikah Badu - Twinkle
9. Zavoloka & AGF - Do Divchyny
10. William Basinski + Richard Chartier - Untitled 3
11. Yo Majesty - Blame It On The Change
12. Wendt - Sun
13. Fennesz - Black Sea
14. Tricky - Veronika
15. Meshell NdegeOcello - Sloganeer
16. Ms Dynamite & Akala - Time To Get Free
17. Mika Vainio - Yksinäisyys, Suru, Katkeruus
18. AGF/DELAY - Downtown Snow
19. Steve Reich & Musicians - Come Out
20. Vladislav Delay - Lumi

Go here to dowload. Make sure you check out the rest of the site. Lots of goodness.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Joker - Solid State (320k MP3)

You probably know this track well as it's been around a while and was featured in Starkey recent mix CD for the Lo Dubs label. I guess it's not getting a proper release as Joker recently posted it for free on the Dubstep Forum.

Check it out below. Classic Joker.

Download Joker's Solid State

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dam Funk Mix

28 minutes of Stones Throw madness from DâM-FunK. Very nice.

DâM-FunK – ‘Brookside Park’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Spacecapades’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘This Time, Take It Out On the Groove’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Flying V Ride’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘The Sky Is Ours’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Sidewayz’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Rollin’ (Stones Throw)
L.S. Movement – ‘Move Everything You Got’ (LA/Veg)


Various Production Mix

Finally some decent length mixes this week, the first is an awesome dubstep mix from Various Production. You never know what you're going to get with these guys and this mix is no different. Although being around since pretty much the start of dubstep, VP seem to come across as outsiders, maybe because they have an edginess to their tunes that's not present in most of the dancefloor orientated dubstep coming out of the UK. And also because their first album had a few tracks that were just vocal and acoustic guitar, something you wouldn't find on a Benga album that's for sure...

Highlights include the synth heaven of Starman and the insane Drink It featuring MC Vex. And the vocal track near the end is MC Vex also, not Mike Skinner...

Various Production – ‘Nothing’
Various Production – ‘Starman’
Unknown – ‘Untitled’
Various Production feat Mc Vex – ‘Drink it’
Various Production – ‘Mug’
Gun Jack – ‘Ghetto Blaster’
Various Production – ‘Composite’
Modeselektor – ‘Black Block’ [Rustie Remix]
Various Production Feat Mc Vex – ‘Dan’s Time’
Various Production – ‘Untitled’
Reso (White)


Friday, May 15, 2009

FaltyDL in the Mix

First set of the night for Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 13th of May 2009. I was excited about this mix as I'm always interested in the artists Planet Mu chooses to sign. You never really know what you're in for. The first track of the mix is absolutely killer. You may remember Jaime Vex'd closing with it in the mix I posted by him a whiles back.

The album comes out on the 8th of June on Planet Mu. I'll definitely be making the purchase.

FaltyDL – ‘Paradise Lost’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Encompass’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Party’ (Ramp' Recordings)
FaltyDL – ‘Anxiety’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Human Meadow‘ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Laidback’ (Unreleased)
FaltyDL – ‘In You’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Dionysos’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Lay’ (unreleased)
FaltyDL – ‘Winter Sole’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘And I Really Know’ (Unreleased)


PANTyRAiD in the Mix

More Glitch Mob madness this time from side-project PANTyRAiD. Way more dubstep influenced than the jaw-dropping Boreta mix from last week, but of course being American dubstep there's a heavy hiphop and electro influence. It's almost worth downloading this just to hear the first drop 39 seconds in. Make sure you turn it up LOUD.

PANTyRAiD – ‘Upset / Beba Mashup’ with Lil John Acapella
PANTyRAiD – ‘Crunkalicious’
PANTyRAiD – ‘Worship the Sun’
PANTyRAiD – ‘Headcase’ with Ray Cash ‘Sex Appeal’ Acapella
PANTyRAiD – ‘Enter The Machine’


Architeq in the Mix

Final set of this week's show. Awesome mix of dub with some serious oldschool sounds.

Architeq - ‘Fox Tails’ (Tirk)
Architeq - ‘Time Cube’ (Dubplate)
Architeq - ‘Daytime’ (Dubplate)
Architeq - ‘Unknown’ White Label
Architeq - ‘Birds Of Dub’ (Tirk)


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Goth-Trad video clips from Void, 6th of June 2008

Goth-Trad is coming back for more shows next month so I thought I'd post the drunken videos I took when he played here last time. They're short but the sound is decent enough. Photos from the night here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Martyn’s Slice of Funk

Half an hour mix by Martyn for Gilles Peterson's Radio 1 show, 7th of May 2009.

Cooly G – ‘Love Dub Refix’ (Hyperdub)
Roy Davis Jr. – ‘About Love’ (Classic)
Actress – ‘Hazyville’ (Prime Numbers)
Roska – ‘Gone To A Better Place’ (Roska Kicks & Snares)
Erobique – ‘Arf Patzo’ (Mirau Music)
Martyn – ‘For Lost Relatives’ (Aus Music)
Martyn – ‘Phone Lines’ (3024)
Flying Lotus – ‘Disco Balls’ (Hyperdub)
Slum Village – ‘Disco’ (Capitol Records)
Waajeed – ‘Tron’ (Bling47)
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ (Flying Lotus' Cleanse Mix) (3024)


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boreta (from The Glitch Mob) in the Mix

First mix of the Mary Anne Hobbs show from the 6th of May, and I think the best. Boreta from The Glitch Mob just kills it. I won't bullshit on (I saved that for Dorian Concept) but I will demand you download this mix. The last track is fucking epic.

The Glitch Mob – ‘Crush Mode Intro’
The Glitch Mob Feat Theophilus London – ‘Black Aura’
Boreta – ‘Bubblin in the Cut’ (Alpha Pup)
TV On The Radio – ‘Red Dress’ [The Glitch Mob Remix] (Interscope)
EPROM – ‘64 Bytes’ [Boreta Remix] (Addictech)
The Glitch Mob – ‘The Dragonslayer’
STS9 – ‘Beyond Right Now’ [The Glitch Mob Remix]


EPROM in the Mix

The second mix of the night, EPROM delivers an awesome mix of glitchy hiphop and synth heavy dubstep sounds. This guy really reminds me of Zomby but in a very good way. Never heard of him before last night but I think I'm going to keep a close eye on him now. Really solid beats.

EPROM – ‘Never’ (Surefire)
EPROM – ‘Ribcracker’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Mr. Wobbles’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Humanoid’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Sweatboxxx’ (Dub)
EPROM – ‘Shoplifter’ (Black Acre)
EPROM – ‘Whyyyyyyyy’ (Dub)
EPROM & Prof.I.See – ‘Zoning’ (Cloak x Dagger)


Dorian Concept in the Mix

I first saw Dorian Concept at the St Jerome's Laneway festival earlier this year. I was watching the band No Age when I left to get more beer. On my way back I thought I'd check out a minute of Dorian Concept as I was planning to go to his sideshow the following week. A minute is all it took. When mobiles weren't answered I ran back through the No Age crowd and grabbed my mates. Fuck this shit I said, you gotta come see Dorian Concept. It's not often you see a really captivating live electronic performer but the way he was attacking his synth was just great to watch. I managed to get one video. Check it out at Flikr.

Dorian Concept's music is absolutely buzzing. Old school and shiny new at the same time, it's bass music for an outdoor summer party.

I got his debut album in the mail last week and it doesn't disappoint. 10 tracks of blissed out synthy mayhem. None of the tracks in the mix are on the album so make sure you check out both.

Ritornell – ‘Golden Solitude’ [Dimlite Rework-Outro] (Karaoke Kalk)
Zanshin – ‘Shadoubt Shaps’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘Upside Downslide’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘After Words’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘Greenish Things’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘Trilingual Dance Sexperience’ (Affine Records)
Dorian Concept – ‘Pong Ping Song’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘F*#king Jazz Outro‘


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Glitch Mob

The latest Mary Anne Hobbs show has just finished airing and I'll have the mixes cut out and uploaded soon but in the meantime, check out this shit.
One half of The Glitch Mob is responsible for one of this week’s mixes so before I post that, I need to point you to the mix that got me loving these guys. 12 tracks and a 56 minute run-time sounds pretty standard for a mix but trust me, this is epic. A wonderful colourful romp through the world of glitchy instrumental hiphop.

1. Ooah "Tuesday Again" (Interchill Records)
2. edIT "Straight Heat" (Alpha Pup Records)
3. Boreta & Eprom "The Good, The Bad, The Squishy" (Unreleased)
4. Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg "The Next Episode" (Kraddy Remix Instrumental) (Refiner Records)/Mr. Vegas "Under Mi Sensi" (Acapella)
5. edIT "The Sirens" (Alpha Pup Records)
6. Boreta & Eprom "Psyphy feat. Mc Epcot" (Unreleased)
7. Ooah "Stomp The Yard" (Muti Music)
8. Lupe Fiasco "I Gotcha" (Kraddy Remix) (Refiner Records)
9. Boreta "Lobegrinder" (Glitch Mob Unlimited)
10. The Grouch "Artsy (edIT Remix)" (Alpha Pup)
11. Clipse "Mr. Me Too (a.k.a. Jalapeno Body Poppers) (Ooah Remix)" (Unreleased)
12. BlackStar "Bright As The Stars (a.k.a. Mos Beautiful) (Kraddy Remix)" (Refiner Records)

Go to the XLR8R website to download


This is the Boxcutter mix from the 11th of March. The link has been around the net for a while so if you're a Boxcutter fan you probably already have it. I decided to post it anyway as the album he's promoting in this mix arrived in the mail to me on Friday and it's left me breathless. Surpassing his first two albums by far, this is a new benchmark for electronic music.

So download the mix if you haven't already, but whatever you do buy the album! It's easily going to be one of my favourites of the year.

The mix:

Boxcutter – ‘Arcadia 202’
Boxcutter – ‘Arecibo Message’
Boxcutter – ‘Sidereal Day’
Boxcutter – ‘Earth is my Spaceship’ [Otherside Remix]
Boxcutter – ‘Sidetrak’
Boxcutter – ‘Untitled’ Featuring Brian Greene
Boxcutter – ‘Arecibo Reply 1’
Boxcutter – ‘Kab 28’
Boxcutter – ‘A Cosmic Parent’


One track this mix doesn't have is Mya Rave V2. A remix of a track that appeared on a Planet Mu compilation, it's gotta be the best 4/4 track I've heard in a very long time. It's worth buying the album just for it!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Silkie in the Mix

Really solid dubstep set from Silkie. Deep while staying dancefloor and not getting too minimal and wanky, the remix of Filth is a definite highlight. Very recommended.

Silkie – ‘Beauty’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Head Butt Da Deck’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Turvy’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Techno 22 (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Horizon’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Planet X (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Purple Love’ (Deep Medi)
Skream – ‘Filth’ [Silkie Remix] (Dub)
Silkie – ‘Mattaz’ (Deep Medi)
Silkie – ‘Test’ (Deep Medi)


Jakes in the Mix

Straight up dubstep mix from Bristol's Jakes. Plenty of wobble for anyone that way inclined...

Jakes – ‘Help Yourself’ (Hench)
Jakes -‘Hand In The Air’ (Hench)
Jakes - ‘In The Place To Be’ [v.i.p] (Hench)
Jakes - ‘Rhythm’ (Hench)
Jakes - ‘Rock the Bellz’[v.i.p] (Hench)
Jakes - ‘Stupid Skrilla’ (Hench)
Jakes – ‘Get’ (Hench)
Jakes -‘We Dream’ (feat Elisha King) (Hench)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mount Kimbie in the mix

This is the Mount Kimbie mix from November last year. The link has been around the forums for a while so you might already have it, but it's so good I thought I'd re-post.

Mount Kimbie – ‘Untitled’
Mount Kimbie – ‘Untitled’
Mount Kimbie – ‘Maybes’
Dabrye – ‘Game Over’ feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat
Jamie Woon – ‘Wayfairing Stranger’
Mount Kimbie - ‘William’ feat. Adonye Green


Mount Kimbie's Myspace

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental: X Chromosome Special, 22nd of April 2009

All female line-up on the latest Mary Anne Hobbs show. It's not only producers/DJs but singers as well. Including the husband and wife team of The Long Lost (Daedelus is the husband), Nadsroic singing over the top of HudMo beats and Ahu, who you might know as Dolly, the voice on the Flying Lotus track RobertaFlack. Also great to see Kito on there reppin' the homeland!

Vaccine mix
Kito – ‘Cold’ (Vaccine remix)
Vaccine – ‘Radiate’
Vaccine – ‘Fever’
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ (Vaccine remix)
Vaccine – ‘Electrolyte’
Vaccine – ‘Bad Habit’
Burial – ‘In McDonalds’

Cooly G mix
Cooly G – ‘Feeling You’
Cooly G – ‘Craze’
Cooly G – ‘Weekend Fly’
Cooly G – ‘Touch’
Cooly G – ‘Last Night’
Cooly G – ‘Dis Boy Mix 2 Tribal’
Cooly G – ‘Love Dub Refix’

Nadsroic & Husdon Mohawke mix
Hudson Mo Loops – ‘M5000 Loop’
Damfunk – ‘Rhythm Trax’
The Blessings – ‘Faberge’
Nadsroic – ‘Room Mist’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Saw You There’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Peekaboo’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Step Back’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Allhot’ (prod HudsonMo)

Ikonika mix
Ikonika – ‘Mikronic’ (Hyperdub)
Ikonika – ‘Mucking’ (Hyperdub)
Ikonika – ‘Sahara Michael’ (Hyperdub)
Mujava – ‘Township Funk’ Ikonika’s Nexus-6 Remix (Warp)
Computer Jay – ‘Maintain’ Ikonika Remix (Ramp)

Blank Blue mix
Blank Blue – ‘Intro’
Blank Blue – ‘Eyes Closed’ (Original Edit)/(Nosaj Thing Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘All the Shallow Deep’ (Dntel Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘Blank Blue’ (Flying Lotus Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘In the Swim’

Kito mix
Kito feat. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’
Kito – ‘On The Floor’
TRG – ‘Just Me’
Kito – ‘Don't Wanna Lose You’
Santogold – ‘Starstruck’ (Diplo Remix)
Zomby – ‘Spliff Dub’ (Rustie Remix)
Kito – ‘What If’

Ahu mix
Flying Lotus feat. Dolly – ‘Roberta Flack’ (Demo Version)
Mr.Beatnick ft. Ahu – ‘I Know All The B****es’ (Bullion Remix) (Altered Vibes)
Soundspecies ft.Ahu – ‘Can We Call It Love’ (Burntprogress)

Subeena mix

Subeena – ‘Dr. Dexter’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Slide’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Call it anger’ (Imminent recordings) (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Your journey’ – dedicated to Ben (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Miscalculate’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Boksd’ (Imminent recordings)
Subeena – ‘Lluvia’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘System Message’ (unreleased)

The Long Lost mix
The Long Lost - ‘Past Perfect’
The Long Lost - ‘The Art of Kissing’
Flying Lotus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Auntie's Lock / Infinitum’
Daedelus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Now & Sleep’
The Long Lost – ‘Siren Song’
The Long Lost – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Tunng remix) – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Computer Jay's Syntax Error mix) – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Flying Lotus' Luckiest Charm mix) – ‘Woebegone’
The Long Lost - ‘Woebegone’
The Long Lost - ‘Regrets Only’
Flying Lotus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Unexpected Delight’
The Long Lost – ‘Sibilance’

Enjoy. Girl power!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TRG on BBC Radio 1's Rob Da Bank and Friends, 20th of April 2009

If you find that lately you've been spending more time listening to the music dubstep spawned rather than dubstep itself, then this is the mix to remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place. Dark and atmospheric but still really accessible, this is cheese-free dancefloor dubstep at its best.

Track highlights include Clubroot, one of my favourite new producers, also the TRG track that closes the mix, but the biggest tune here is by Joker & Ginz. After thrashing Do It / Psychedelic Runway on my mp3 player all week, I'm just staggered at the amount of talent this kid has.

Clubroot – ‘Low Pressure Zone’ (Lo Dubs)
Madd – ‘I Know It's U’ (White)
Kito ft. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’ (Disfigured Dubs)
TRG – ‘Just Me’ (White)
Pinch – ‘Attack Of the Giant Robot Spiders’ (White)
Peverelist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ (Punch Drunk)
Scuba – ‘Negative’ (Naked Lunch)
Kalbata – ‘Oh Gosh’ (White)
TRG – ‘New In Town’ (White)
Kode 9 – ‘Bad’ (Hyperdub)
Deekline & Wizard – ‘Back Up (Love for the Music) - TRG Remix’(Against The Grain)
Joker & Ginz – ‘ReUp’ (Kapsize)
TRG – ‘909 Trek’ (White)


Martyn on BBC Radio 1's Rob Da Bank and Friends, 20th of April 2009

Martyn mix from last Monday. A perfect example of the whole dubstep-meets-techno-meets-house sound.

Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ (3024)
Kloke – ‘Basement’ (Entrada Recordings)
Millie & Andrea – ‘Black Hammer’ (Daphne001)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Makonde’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
Apple – ‘Seigalizer’ (Slim Ting)
Hard House Banton – ‘Reign’ (SRE)
Efdemin – ‘Acid Bells Martyns Dark Mix’ (Curle)
Martyn – ‘Elden St.’ (3024)
Karizma – ‘Groove 'A'kordingly’ (R2 Records)
2000 And One – ‘Funk That’ (100% Pure)
Adam Marshall – ‘Rose Mountain’ (Cynosure)
Martyn – ‘Bridge’ (3024)
Goldie – ‘Truth Ft. David Bowie’ (Ffrr)
Martyn – ‘Far Away’ (3024)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Anlo Ewe’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
D-Malice – ‘Gabryelle Refix’ (White)
Deadbeat – ‘Incinerate’ (Wagon Repair)
Manoo – ‘Agoe’ (Earthrumental Music)
Shut Up And Dance – ‘Epileptic Martyns No Strobe Mix’ (Shut Up And Dance)
Martyn Ft. Dbridge – ‘These Words’ (3024)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Legion Of Two - Palace Dub (Demo/Edit)

This is a Legion Of Two track that appeared on a compliation that coincided with the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. I can so feel myself moving into fanboi status with these guys. The tracks are really heavy yet they still have this amazing forward momentum to them. I can see myself loving these guys either from a massive rig on the dancefloor or from a boombox in some public-park-beer-drinking session. Perfect.

Download Palace Dub

Friday, April 17, 2009

Legion Of Two in the Mix

"A new project from Alan O'Boyle and David Lacey pits electronics against live drums and percussion for a dark, dense and noisy dirge. Huge basslines, slow pounding drums and feedback dominate. Industrial, dub and metal influences are shredded through old guitar pedals and cheap reverbs and reassembled into a driving and melodic force."
Not a bad way to start a press release.

When the world of electronic music dabbles in metal it usually turns out something like Drumcorps or Bong Ra's Grindkrusher; fast metal riffs over fast jungle/breakcore beats. It's fun when you first listen, but the format starts to wear thin pretty quickly. Supposedly what makes that music "metal" is the riffs, but the fact the whole thing is made by someone sitting at a PC is very un-metal - meaning you could see the guitars as being just another sound on a breakcore track.
So what happens when you turn the whole thing on its head? Throw out the drum machine and the guitars and what do you get? Legion Of Two. And they are metal.
The live drums are what is missing from all the sampled electro-metal out there, it gives the whole thing a massive weight which is what heavy fucking metal is all about. With bands like Sunn showing us you can be metal without picking up a guitar (see the video a few posts back) groups like Legion Of Two, while being grounded in the electronic scene (they're signed to Planet Mu), could end up finally making the electronic-metal album fans of both genres deserve.

More of a showcase than a mix, the remix of one of my favourite Sunken Foal tracks was a very pleasant surprise. Enjoy.

Intro – ‘Starbound’
Legion Of Two
Sunken Foal – ‘Rikkic Racquet’ [Legion Of Two Remake]
‘Swan Song‘


Leaving Label Showcase, Mixed By Matthew David

Finally upping the mixes from the April 8 show. Really interesting mix here by Matthew David showcasing tunes from the Leaving label. Fuzzed up, blissed out soundscape-beat music. I know that doesn't really make sense but one listen and you'll know what I mean. Really nice music but still very edgy and exciting. Check it out.

Dak – ‘Waterbedwalk Outro Stand This’ (Leaving)
Jarrod Fowler – ‘Untitled 2 (Unreleased)
Julianna Barwick – ‘Untitled’
Matthewdavid – ‘Kbf Laptop Folk’ (Disk Collection)
Ursula Bogner – ‘2Ton’ (recordings 1969 – 1988)
Dak – (Leaving Cassette Collection ‘05 Selection)
Durlin Lurt – ‘Understand’
Him Jenson
Lucky Dragons - ‘Summer Swans’ (Widows Marriage)
Languis – ‘Molecular’ (Leaving)
Dak and Matthewdavid – ‘When the dumps Outdoor Cassette’ (Leaving)
Lapti – ‘Metalfoam’ (Unreleased)
Jane Jane Pollock – ‘Born Bitter My Kill Eel Are Cozy’ (Leaving)
Matthewdavid & Oba – ‘Roomthumpr’ (Dublab Presents: In The
Loop Vol. 5)
Ras G – ‘Brotha There’ (Leaving)
Dak – ‘Bitdepth Stand this’ (Leaving)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jamie Vex'd LuckyMe Mixtape

This is the best mix I've heard in a long, long time. It's not new so you might have heard it but if not, do not dawdle. Vex'd were always a powerhouse but what Jamie's doing on his own is something very special. In a time when it's very easy to just copy what's going on, Jamie Vex'd seems to be just carving his own path. Keep an ear out for his original tunes in this mix. Really exciting stuff. Just as good is his track selection. Chucking in a Tim Hecker tune is just perfect! Enjoy.

Jamie Vex'd - Saturn's Reply
Rich Reason & Fantastic Mr Fox - Bleep Show
Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
Starkey - Creature
Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel
Erykah Badu - Twinkle
Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's A Computer
Cannibal Ox - F Word (Instrumental)
Zomby - Fantastique (Remix)
Falty DL - To London
Shawty Lo Ft DG Yola Vs Timeblind - Lets Decay It (Dev 79's Blend)
Stagga - Lopside (Doshy Remix)
Modeselektor - Black Box (Rustie Remix)
Joker - Psychedlic Runway
Starkey - Gutter Music VIP
Naptha - Soundclash (Grevious Angel VIP)
Tim Hecker - Sundown6093
Falty DL - Paradise Lost

The mix is from the LuckyMe website so go here: and scroll down to number 25. The link is the picture of the chick so right click and save that shit as!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gravious Live on FBi 94.5

Here's a live set (using Ableton) that Gravious did for FBi radio when he was out here recently. Really nice chilled dubstep and quite different from his promo mix that I posted last month.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Starkey and MC Halfcast on FBi 6th of March 2009

Here's the set Starkey did for FBi back in March. Highlights of the mix are the Jamie Vex'd remix of Miracles and the fucking awesome new Starkey tune Murderous Words. At the start of the mix MC Halfcast was using a desk mic like what the radio announcers use, meaning it was killing the sound coming through the mixer. They sorted themselves pretty quickly though so it only affects the first few tunes. Enjoy.

00 - Interview Segment
01 - Starkey "Escape"
02 - Starkey "Pleasure Points"
03 - Starkey "Striking Distance"
04 - AC Slater "Hello"
05 - Jamie Vex'd "Radiant Industry"
06 - Starkey "Creature"
07 - Zomby "Gloop"
08 - Joker & Ginz "Purple City"
09 - Starkey "Club Games"
10 - Numan "Skull Crusher"
11 - Starkey "Pressure"
12 - Starkey "Miracles (Jamie Vex'd remix)"
13 - Starkey "Angel"
14 - Starkey "Murderous Words"
15 - DNAE Beats "Razor Kut"
16 - Kotchy "One For the Money (Starkey remix)"
17 - MOVES!!! "All Skate"
18 - DZ "What You Won't Do For Love VIP"
19 - Rustie "Bad Science"
20 - Starkey "Gritty"
21 - Raffertie "Antisocial"
22 - Starkey "Dark Alley"
00 - Interview Segment


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moog Ceremony

Bass music in it's purist form. Hail the Sunn.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Headhunter - Juke

When Headhunter was here recently we took him to the local community radio station FBi. Instead of his usual deep, deep dubstep he went completely the other way and played a set of Juke music. Coming out of Chicago, Juke is categorized by its fast beats, minimal structure and dirty, dirty lyrics. I'd never heard it before and my first thought was "DJ Godfather crossed with Spank Rock". It's not like anything else on this blog but it's fresh and exciting but if you hate the music, you should at least get a giggle from the vocals. Fuck me in my face, indeed!

Tracklist pulled from the FBi website:

Keep On Jukin
Freekin Me On The Flo DJ Spinn
BeetleJuke Leatherface
That Booty DJ Spinn
King Kong Leatherface
What You Workin Wit DJ Spinn
Put Yo Mouth On Me DJ Spinn
Kick Yo Ass Leatherface
Lil Mumma Get Down DJ Spinn
Fuck Me In My Face White Label
Get Funky DJ Clent
Suck It DJ Dion


Gravious - Coming to Oz Mix 09

This Friday Sydney's only regular dubstep night Void hosts DJs Seven and Gravious over two floors at Phoenix and Spectrum. In anticipation for the gig Gravious has done a tour promo mix. Starting off with the glorious sounds of one of my favourite new artists Mount Kimbie and finishing off with a downright classic Aphex Twin tune, the mix is a great example of how diverse dubstep can be.

[00:00] 1. Mount Kimbie - Vertical {Hotflush}
[03:40] 2. O-Dessa - Million Dollarz {forthcoming Lo-Dubs}
[06:01] 3. Vaccine - Radiate {forthcoming Offshore}
[08:41] 4. CacheFlowe - Flowebot ft. Brer Rabbit (Machinedrum Waterfall dub) {Plastic Sound Supply}
[11:34] 5. Hyetal - End Credits
[15:21] 6. xx xy - Sparklers
[18:30] 7. Funk Ethics - Dub Fluid
[21:23] 8. Gravious - City of Spheres
[25:09] 9. Untold - Sweat {Hotflush}
[28:44]10. Ekelon - 7th Soul (Sully Remix) {forthcoming Creative Space}
[32:03]11. Gravious - Torus
[36:16]12. Psychonaught - I Just Want You
[39:10]13. Joker - Digidesign {Hyperdub} -->
[41:09]14. Skream - Percression {Tectonic}
[44:02]--->Aphex Twin - Digeridoo {R&S}


Monday, March 30, 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 21st of January 2009

Mixes from back in January. Paul White and Floating Points.

Paul White in the Mix
Paul White – ‘Alien Nature’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Sea Life’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Nasty Business’ (Unreleased)
Paul White – ‘Carbon’ - (Unreleased)
Bullion – ‘Are You The One’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Uprising Of The Insane’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Grimy Light’ (Unreleased)
Burning Spear – ‘People Get Ready’ (Island)
Paul White – ‘Floating Free’ (One-Handed Music)
Mort Garson – ‘Let The Sunshine In’ (A & M)
Tangerine Dream – ‘Force Majeure’ (Virgin)

Floating Points in the Mix
Floating Points – ‘Cycle 11 DUB’ (unreleased)
Floating Points - ‘KG beat’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘Peroration feat. Fatima’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘JW beat’ (unreleased)
W Orbit – ‘Optical Illusions’ [Aaron Jerome Remix] (CDR)
Dabrye – ‘Game Over’ [Dorian Concept Remix!] (CDR)
Kona Triangle – ‘AIRLOCK’ (CDR)
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program – ‘Sign Me Up’ (Poo-Bah)
Floating Points – ‘For You’ (eglo)

Saturday, March 28, 2009