Monday, March 29, 2010

Dem Hunger mix

From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 18 March, 2010.

1. Kraftwerk/Dem Hunger — Super German/Horror Film (Dem Nah Gym Edit)
2. Dem Hunger — Shelley Duvall’s Jeans
3. Dem Hunger — Fried Squid
4. The Vampires — Cold Rain Song (Predator Suit Edit)
5. Shelly Duvall — Double Me Shout Out
6. Dem Hunger — Pink Yamaha
7. Carmen — Time To Move (Amiga Girl Edit)
8. Dem Hunger — Bathtub Birth
9. Dem Hunger — Mosque Vibrations
10. MatthewDavid — Unknown Title (Dem Hunger Orange Bike Seemix)
11. Dem Hunger — Zebra Skull Made From Smack
12. Jellophonic — Smack Instrumental (Shelley And Robert Edit)
13. Dem Hunger — Electric Poohole (Inside The Film Ghost Edit)
14. Dem Hunger — Beach Drum/White Wife/Babi C


ASC mix

Interesting set by ASC from Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 18 March, 2010.

1. ASC — Absent Mind NonPlus+
2. ASC — Oort Clud NonPlus+
3. ASC — Fade Away Seasons (feat. Consequence) NonPlus+
4. ASC — The Depths NonPlus+
5. ASC — Lost For Words NonPlus+
6. ASC — Phobos NonPlus+
7. ASC — Losing You NonPlus+
8. ASC — Opus (feat. Vaccine) NonPlus+


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vex'd mix

Vex'd preview their new album Cloud Seed on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 11th of March, 2010.

Along with Distance, Vex'd were the first producers that fully showed me the potential of dubstep. Their amazing album Degenerate, although heavier than most, pretty much followed the sparse DMZ/Deep Medi style of the time. With Cloud Seed they're finally bringing their take on dubstep phase 2, when the word started to mean anything slow and full of bass. If they had released these tunes back when they were written, they would have blown the competition out of the water. An absolutely killer mix and a must for anyone into heavy music.

Vex’d – Take Time Out (feat. Warrior Queen)
Plaid – Bar Kimura (Vex’d remix)
Vex’d – Out Of The Hills
Vex’d – Slug Trawl Depths
Vex’d – Shinju Bridge
Dakimh – Disposition (feat. Jest)
John Richards & GeNIA – Suite For Piano & Electronics (Vex’d remix)
Vex’d – Heartspace (feat. Anneka)
Vex’d – Oceans
Vex’d – Remians Of The Day
Gabriel Prokofiev & The Elysian Quartet – String Quartet No.2, (Vex’d remix)
Vex’d – Killing Floor
Vex’d – Nails