Tuesday, June 2, 2009

n5md Label Sampler with Bitcrush

And now for something completely different. The latest podcast from XLR8R brings us an hour and twenty minutes of really nice post-rock. Unfortunately post-rock has become one of the genres with more generic shit being released than actual good stuff, it's just lucky that when the good stuff is good, it's really fucking good. All I have to do is remember the first time I heard tracks like Mogwai Fear Satan or East Hasting by Godspeed and I realise why I do love this genre and why I still give new post-rock bands a chance.
So it's good to hear some new stuff that's really exciting. Granted not all of this "mix" is post-rock (XLR8R don't actually use the term when talking about the set, probably due to the site's electronic leanings) and not all of it is, but by the time Six Points Of Fire by Lights Out Asia finishes you're gonna want to buy a guitar. And lots of pedals.

SubtractiveLAD - Filament
Hologram - Moon
Plastik Joy - Twenty-ninth Of April
Arc Lab - I Wish I Could Tell You
port-royal - Hva (failed revolutions)
Bitcrush - Fathoms
Last Days - Run Home
Another Electronic Musician - Green & Olive
Proem - Alt Enter The Busket
Near The Parenthesis - Cerda's Plan
Lights Out Asia - Six Points Of Fire
Funckarma - Magaz Stinged
Ruxpin - Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable

Go to the XLR8R site to download

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