Monday, June 29, 2009

Dorian Concept Live at Sonar 2009

Some of Dorian Concept's live set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


The Gaslamp Killer at Sonar 2009

Some of GLK's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Martyn at Sonar 2009

Some of Martyn's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Joker at Sonar 2009

Some of Joker's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Mike Slott at Sonar 2009

Some of Mike Slott's DJ set at Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Hank Shocklee [Bomb Squad] at Sonar 2009

Some of Hank Shocklee's DJ set from Sonar 2009. Courtesy of the Mary Anne Hobbs show.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FACT Mix 59: Subway

I don't normally post mixes before hearing them but I'm just too excited about this. It's different to pretty much everything that’s been posted on this blog, but the tracklist just looks too delicious not to share.
The only Subway tracks I have are from the latest Soul Jazz Singles collection and they definitely stand out from the rest. The sound has so much in common with the electronic music of the 70s, especially stuff from Germany, but still retains a modern feel, and never feels like a pale imitation. Subway's German influence is very obvious here with tracks in this mix from Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Harmonia (which is what their Soul Jazz tracks most sound like) and the more recent sounds of Basic Channel.
They also play a few legendary bands from the noise scene, including personal favourites Wolf Eyes and Black Dice.
They also play a tune from one of the Stereolab/Nurse With Wound collaborations - I never got around to hearing this so I'm pretty excited.

Space Machine - Untitled
KK Null - N-02
Black Dice - Night Flight
Ash Ra Tempel - Ocean Of Tenderness/Sunrain
Subway - Monochrome
Syn - TAT 93
Wolf Eyes - Ancient Delay
Kraftwerk - Atem
Throbbing Gristle - Dream Machine
Stereolab/Nurse With Wound - Trippin' With The Birds
Chris Carter - Clouds
Subway - Theera
Subway - Delta II
Kraftwerk - Airwaves
Tangerine Dream - Madrigal Meridian
Throbbing Gristle - AB/7A
Cluster - Heisse Lippen
Subway - Simplex (Gatto Fritto Mix)
Harmonia - Notre Dame
Basic Channel - Mutism
Cluster - Fotschi-Tong
Kraftwerk - News
Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique
Ash Ra Tempel - Lotus Part 1
Sunroof - Silver Zero

Download from the FACT website

Friday, June 19, 2009

Toddla T Mix

Only one new mix on the Mary Anne Hobbs show this week (17 June) from new Radio 1 signing Toddla T. Mostly dancehall style beats with a hiphop and grime flavour.

Anzyil Jones – ‘Had Enough’ [Toddla T Dub] vs :Toddla T ft Trigganom – ‘65’ (Dubplate)
Toddla T – ‘Do You Know’ [Robert Gordans Dub]
Roots Manuva – ‘I’m A New Man’
Esser – ‘Satisfied’ [Toddla T & Ross Orton RMX]
Toddla T ft Tinchy Stryder & Siobhan Gallagher – ‘Butter Me Up’
Toddla T ft Tinchy Stryder & Mr Versatile – ‘Safe’
Grand Puba – ‘Get It’ [Toddla T RMX]
Bashy – ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’
Tricky – ‘Council Estate’ [Toddla T & Duckbeats RMX]
Toddla T ft Benjamin Zephaniah & Joe Godard – ‘Rebel’ [Skream RMX]
Filthy Dukes – ‘This Rhythm’ [Toddla T RMX]
Toddla T ft Trigganom – ‘The Boom DJ From The Steel City’


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday, June 12, 2009


First mix of the Mary Anne Hobbs show from the 10th of June 2009.

Hopefully most of you downloaded the amazing TOKiMONSTA Brainfeeder podcast from a few weeks back, cause if you did you'll know what to expect and I can write as little as possible. The quick version is LA's TOKiMONSTA, signed to Flylo's Brainfeeder label and making very exciting instrumental music using a wide variety of real and computer-based instruments. It's always good to hear real instruments being used in this type of music and it gives TOKiMONSTA's sound a vintage quality which is a total win in my opinion.

TOKiMONSTA – ‘Playing With Toys’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘So Sick’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘Last Night's Blurry Memories’
TOKiMONSTA ft Gavin Turek – ‘Moon Bloom’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘Fall Dreams’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘Questing’
TOKiMONSTA – ‘The World is Ours’


Kotchy Mix

This mix by Brooklyn's Kotchy really blew me away. It's like he's deconstructed hiphop and then rearranged it in a variety of different forms, from the bare bones minimalist vibe at the start to the more straight up vocal stuff further in. I recommend this mix to everyone. You don't have to be into hiphop, in fact sometimes it strays so far you don't know what to call it! But underneath is the spirit and soul of hiphop.

You might have heard the song One For The Money. Awesome, awesome tune. It comes in at about 4.35 if you're counting. Such a good track.

Kotchy – ‘Raise Your Eyebrows’ (89 / Civil Music/Seclusiasis)
Kotchy – ‘Falling In Love’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘One For The Money’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘Sing What You Want’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘Holla’ [I'd Have To Be High EP] (Civil Music/Seclusiasis)
Kotchy – ‘Stick Around’
Kotchy - ‘Barbara Cocker’


The Clonious Mix

For the final mix of this week's show we have some more Austrian madness along the lines of Dorian Concept. More vocal than DC which really changes the dynamic, in a good way though, creating something a bit more accessible and (a word I always hate to use) funky.

The Clonious – ‘Dataflow feat. Dorian Concept’ (Ubiquity Records)
The Clonious – ‘Oily Glue’ (Ubiquity Records)
2bo4 – ‘Flags & Words’ [The Clonious Mix] (Sonarkollektiv Faults)
Tettory Bad – ‘Don't Push Feat. Ty’ [The Clonious Mix] (Sunshine
Enterprises/Jazzy Sports)
The Clonious – ‘Emora’ [Dorian Concept Mix] (Ubiquity Records)
The Clonious – ‘If Joe Had The Power’ (Ubiquity Records)


Thursday, June 11, 2009


I discovered Clubroot from his Mary Anne Hobbs mix back in early March (just before I started this here blog) and have been meaning to post his mix for ages.
Originally broadcast on the 11th of March sandwiched in between Boxcutter and Jega, you'd think that sharing a show with those two he would be in danger of being overshadowed, so I was happy to be blown away as soon as this started coming through my headphones.
I'd heard his set during the day while listening to the entire show and it sounded pretty good, but it wasn't until after I cut out the mix and played it through my headphones that it really started to make sense. From the very start with its lush synthy intro I was hooked. Then the beat came in and I started to realise how oldschool the mix is, from the garage beats to the rave-like atmospherics. I guess a similar artist would be Burial, but only in the sense that both artists seem to be looking back for inspiration. Whereas Burial creates mood and atmosphere through his recording techniques and "rough" finished product, Clubroot just seems intent on making awesome dance music that captures the spirit of many genres past.

I finally got around to posting this mix (it's been in my Mediafire account for ages) because his album is out this week and judging from the tunes here, it's an essential purchase.

Clubroot – ‘Orbiting’ (Dubplate)
Clubroot – ‘Lucid Dream’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Nexus’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Talisman’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Sempiternal’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Embryo’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Birth Interlude’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Toe to Toe’ (Dubplate)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kito video clips from Void

Just two short clips of Kito playing at Void on Friday. When she dropped Murderous Words my night was complete! We had the club darker than normal so not the best footage, but then it's a pretty accurate portrayal of life inside the Void.

Also some drunken photos here. And some professional-looking-type-pics will up soon at

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brackles Mix

Sorry about taking so long to get these up. That's life.

Opening the mixes for last week’s show (3 June) is the man that's going to make garage a valuable commodity once more. You might have checked out his FACT mix that I linked last week, either way you should check this out as it's mostly his own tunes including side A of his upcoming record for Planet Mu.

MSRKRFT feat. John Legend – ‘Heartbreaker’ [Brackles Remix]
Martin Kemp – ‘No Charisma’
Brackles and Martin Kemp – ‘Graffiti’
Brackles – ‘Lizards’
Tempz – ‘Next Hype’ [Brackles Rmx Instrumental]
Brackles – ‘Rawkus’
Brackles – ‘LHC’


Blue Daisy Mix

Consider this: You're a young law student from London that also makes beats, you drop some tunes into Mary Anne Hobbs' SoundCloud and a few weeks later you're in the studio for a live interview to talk about the mix you've done. This dude's success story is so modern he even bypasses Myspace...

Blue Daisy – ‘Krash Blip’
Blue Daisy - ‘Scars’
Blue Daisy – ‘Shallow Vicinity’ (Black Acre)
Blue Daisy - ‘Wolf’ (Black Acre)
Blue Daisy- ‘Boggie Man’
Mono/Poly – ‘Jetstream’ [Blue Daisy Rmx]
Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ [Blue Daisy Rmx]
Blue Daisy – ‘Segregated Minds’
Blue Daisy - ‘Winter is Blue’


16bit Mix

Final and best mix of the show with most dubstep sounds covered, from the nice dreamy stuff at the beginning to the cartoon style music of the last track. The best track has to be Chainsaw Calligraphy though. It's 'ard as fuck.

Lisa Gerrard – ‘Space Weaver’ [16bit Rmx] [Dub]
16bit – ‘Serum’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Snipers’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘ADSL’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Skyline’ [Dub]
16bit – ‘Jump’ [Southside Dubstars]
16bit – ‘Panic’ [Heavy Artillery]
16bit – ‘Chainsaw Calligraphy’ [Boka]
16bit – ‘FunHouse’ (A Whole Lot Of Fun) [Dub]


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Raffertie Mix

Here's some more audio tomfoolery from Birmingham's Raffertie, recorded for Rob Da Bank and Friends on the 1st of June 2009.

Raffertie - 'Hole'
Kanji Kinetic - 'Deep Down South'
The Squire of Gothos - 'Old Skool S***'
Raffertie - 'Pumping Like Reeboks'
Diplo & Laidback Luke - 'Hey (Foamo Remix)'
Baby D - 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy (The Artful Dodger Remix)'
Vanilla Ice - 'Ice Ice Baby (Acapella)'
Aretha Franklin - 'Deeper Love (Acapella)'
Benga & Coki - 'Night'
2 Unlimited - 'Tribal Dance' (Telstar)
George Michael - 'Freedom' (Columbia)
2 Unlimited - 'Let The Beat Control Your Body'
Fragma - 'Toca's Miracle'
16 Bit - 'Panic'
Dubwise - 'Pull Up'
Reso - 'Smash Your Face In'
Reso vs. VENT - 'Rumble'
Raffertie - 'Eyes Closed'
Jakes - 'Rock The Bells'
Joker & Ginz - 'Purple City'
Starkey - 'Starting Gates'
Akira Kiteshi - 'Boom N Pow (Raffertie Remix)'
Raffertie - 'Vomit Riddim'
Akira Kiteshi - 'Ming The Merciless'
Raffertie - 'Antisocial (B. Rich Remix)'
Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Always Like This (Raffertie Remix)'
Raffertie - 'Stomping Grounds VIP'
Raffertie - 'Sugar'


If you missed Raffertie's mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in January, click here.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

n5md Label Sampler with Bitcrush

And now for something completely different. The latest podcast from XLR8R brings us an hour and twenty minutes of really nice post-rock. Unfortunately post-rock has become one of the genres with more generic shit being released than actual good stuff, it's just lucky that when the good stuff is good, it's really fucking good. All I have to do is remember the first time I heard tracks like Mogwai Fear Satan or East Hasting by Godspeed and I realise why I do love this genre and why I still give new post-rock bands a chance.
So it's good to hear some new stuff that's really exciting. Granted not all of this "mix" is post-rock (XLR8R don't actually use the term when talking about the set, probably due to the site's electronic leanings) and not all of it is, but by the time Six Points Of Fire by Lights Out Asia finishes you're gonna want to buy a guitar. And lots of pedals.

SubtractiveLAD - Filament
Hologram - Moon
Plastik Joy - Twenty-ninth Of April
Arc Lab - I Wish I Could Tell You
port-royal - Hva (failed revolutions)
Bitcrush - Fathoms
Last Days - Run Home
Another Electronic Musician - Green & Olive
Proem - Alt Enter The Busket
Near The Parenthesis - Cerda's Plan
Lights Out Asia - Six Points Of Fire
Funckarma - Magaz Stinged
Ruxpin - Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable

Go to the XLR8R site to download

Monday, June 1, 2009

FACT Mix 29: Brackles

Brackles seems to be blowing up at the moment. With a 12" on the way from Planet Mu and a set on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental this week, I think we'll see Brackles leading the charge in the re-emergence of all these garage and two step sounds.

Check out his mix for FACT from back in Feb.

Martin Kemp – No Charisma - dubplate
DJ Mystery – Speechless - mp3
Roska – Gone To A Better Place - Roska Kicks and Snares
Greena – Actual Pain - forthcoming ApplePips
Vincent J Alvis – Body Killin (M-Dubs Breakbeat Funk Vocal) - Babyshack
Mickey Pearce – Innami - dubplate
Brackles – Lizards - forthcoming Applepips
Agent X – Killahertz (Alias Remix) - Heatseeker
Big$hot – Stomp - White
Joker & Ginz - Purple City - unreleased
Zomby – Aquafresh - Hyperdub
Untold – Anaconda - unreleased
Youngstar – Bongo - DDX
Brackles – Getajob - forthcoming Applepips
Zomby – Strange Fruit - Ramp
Dexplicit ft. Gemma Fox - Might Be - More2dafloor
Brackles – LHC - dubplate
Menta - Sounds of the future - Sounds of the Future
2562 – Circulate - Tectonic
Brackles – Glazed - Berkane Sol
Tempz - Next Hype (Brackles Remix) – forthcoming No Hats No Hoods


Sunn O))) Live in a church

Belgium, last Tuesday. Just look at that wall of amps...