Thursday, June 11, 2009


I discovered Clubroot from his Mary Anne Hobbs mix back in early March (just before I started this here blog) and have been meaning to post his mix for ages.
Originally broadcast on the 11th of March sandwiched in between Boxcutter and Jega, you'd think that sharing a show with those two he would be in danger of being overshadowed, so I was happy to be blown away as soon as this started coming through my headphones.
I'd heard his set during the day while listening to the entire show and it sounded pretty good, but it wasn't until after I cut out the mix and played it through my headphones that it really started to make sense. From the very start with its lush synthy intro I was hooked. Then the beat came in and I started to realise how oldschool the mix is, from the garage beats to the rave-like atmospherics. I guess a similar artist would be Burial, but only in the sense that both artists seem to be looking back for inspiration. Whereas Burial creates mood and atmosphere through his recording techniques and "rough" finished product, Clubroot just seems intent on making awesome dance music that captures the spirit of many genres past.

I finally got around to posting this mix (it's been in my Mediafire account for ages) because his album is out this week and judging from the tunes here, it's an essential purchase.

Clubroot – ‘Orbiting’ (Dubplate)
Clubroot – ‘Lucid Dream’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Nexus’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Talisman’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Sempiternal’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Embryo’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Birth Interlude’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Toe to Toe’ (Dubplate)


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