Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dorian Concept in the Mix

I first saw Dorian Concept at the St Jerome's Laneway festival earlier this year. I was watching the band No Age when I left to get more beer. On my way back I thought I'd check out a minute of Dorian Concept as I was planning to go to his sideshow the following week. A minute is all it took. When mobiles weren't answered I ran back through the No Age crowd and grabbed my mates. Fuck this shit I said, you gotta come see Dorian Concept. It's not often you see a really captivating live electronic performer but the way he was attacking his synth was just great to watch. I managed to get one video. Check it out at Flikr.

Dorian Concept's music is absolutely buzzing. Old school and shiny new at the same time, it's bass music for an outdoor summer party.

I got his debut album in the mail last week and it doesn't disappoint. 10 tracks of blissed out synthy mayhem. None of the tracks in the mix are on the album so make sure you check out both.

Ritornell – ‘Golden Solitude’ [Dimlite Rework-Outro] (Karaoke Kalk)
Zanshin – ‘Shadoubt Shaps’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘Upside Downslide’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘After Words’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘Greenish Things’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘Trilingual Dance Sexperience’ (Affine Records)
Dorian Concept – ‘Pong Ping Song’ (White)
Dorian Concept – ‘F*#king Jazz Outro‘


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