Monday, May 25, 2009

AGF/Delay mix for Symbiosis on Overlap

AGF/Delay released their second album this year and I have to say I was a little disappointed. I really like both artists on their own, AGF's 2008 album Words Are Missing was one of my favourites of the year, but something about the album didn't really click with me. I enjoyed it and all I just found that after a few weeks I kind of forgot it was there. I might have another go now after hearing this mix. The tracklist is one I normally dream about with amazing artists like William Basinski, Fennesz and Steve Reich alongside more mainstream names like Tricky and Ms Dynamite. It might seem a bit ambitious but it works extremely well, creating a mix that's organic and human while being synthetic and alien at the same time. Very recommended.

1. Aavaavaa - Helsinki Caving In
2. Alva Noto - U_03
3. AGF - Her Beauty Kills Me (unreleased)
4. AGF/DELAY - Congo Hearts
5. Uusitalo - Nälkälaulu
6. Ø - Unien Holvit
7. TBA - March In Ocean And Falling Asleep
8. Erikah Badu - Twinkle
9. Zavoloka & AGF - Do Divchyny
10. William Basinski + Richard Chartier - Untitled 3
11. Yo Majesty - Blame It On The Change
12. Wendt - Sun
13. Fennesz - Black Sea
14. Tricky - Veronika
15. Meshell NdegeOcello - Sloganeer
16. Ms Dynamite & Akala - Time To Get Free
17. Mika Vainio - Yksinäisyys, Suru, Katkeruus
18. AGF/DELAY - Downtown Snow
19. Steve Reich & Musicians - Come Out
20. Vladislav Delay - Lumi

Go here to dowload. Make sure you check out the rest of the site. Lots of goodness.

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