Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dub War Mix Built by Dave Q, Joe Nice, Badawi and Incyde feat vocals by Juakali

It's battle of the US club nights on this week's Mary Anne Hobbs Show, 27th of May 2009. First off is an epic 48+min mix from the NY club Dub War.
One of the best things about this mix is the Darkstar track. You can hear a snippet of it in their Hyperdub Showcase mix from last year but it doesn't do it justice. Those strings building up over the garage beat, bliss. One of those great tracks that's almost cheesy but just manages to pull it off. We need an album from these guys now.

Badawi – ‘More of the Same’ [Spatial Remix] (The Index)
Darkstar – ‘Untitled’ (Dub)
Brackles – ‘Rawkus’ (Dub)
DJG – ‘Apophenia’ [Jus Wan Remix] (Dub)
Mickey Pierce – ‘Innami’ (Dub)
Untold – ‘It's Gonna Work Out Fine’ (Dub)
Ramadanman – ‘Bleeper’ (Dub)
Skream – ‘Rollin’ (Dub)
Kutz – ‘Freak’ (Dub)
Distance – ‘Twilight’ (Dub)
Mala – ‘Explorer’ (Dub)
Badawi Feat.Vengeance Tenfold – ‘Dstry Prfts’ [Shackleton remix] (Dubplate)
Badawi – ‘El Topo’ (Forthcoming The Index)
Badawi – ‘Lost Highway’ (The Index)
FaltyDL – ‘Tronman’ (Dub)
Incyde – ‘Patter’ (Dub)
Scuba – ‘Klinik’ (Hotflush)
James Blake – ‘Air and Lack Thereof’ (Hemlock)


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