Monday, December 21, 2009

Ben Frost mix

Fucking sensational mix by Australia's Ben Frost from Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 12th of November 2009. After releasing one of the best albums of 09, we also get treated to this amazing set of tunes that really justifies the name of Mary Anne's show. I have it going again through the headphones as I type this and I really can't imagine how to describe it. If you're even remotely into left field music then jump on this ASAFP.

Iberian Lynx – ‘Hissing’
Ben Frost – ‘Killshot’ (By The Throat Lp)
Burial – ‘Shutta’ (Ghost Hardware Ep)
David Lang – ‘Cheating, Lying, Stealing’ (Cheating, Lying, Stealing Lp)
Cloaks – ‘Oyaars’ Remix
Swans – ‘Alcohol the Seed’ (Soundtracks for the Blind Lp)
Ben Frost – ‘Peter Venkman Part II’ (By The Throat Lp)
Killer Whales Hunting Herring off the Coast of Norway
Ben Frost – ‘Through the Glass Of The Roof’ (By The Throat Lp)
The Cure – ‘The Figurehead’ (Pornography Lp)
Daníel Bjarnason – ‘Bow To String III, Air to Breath’ (Processions Lp)
A Breathing Snow Leopard
Tim Hecker – ‘Blood Rainbow’ (Harmony in Ultraviolet Lp)
The Cure – ‘Disintegration’ (Disintegration Lp)
Ben Frost – ‘Ó God Protect Me’ (By The Throat Lp)
Lions, Territorial Chanting


P.S. This mix may have kicked off my first Cure phase in about ten years. Awesome. I think.

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