Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reso mix

From the same show as the Peverelist mix and a great way to show how dubstep has become more of an umbrella term than techno once was. Imagine explaining to an alien that the style of music on both of these mixes is called dubstep. Especially when there's a million names for all the different kinds of house music that all sound pretty much the same... I guess that's how dubstep got tagged as being "experimental".

I'm not too sure about Reso. Metal Slug was a fucking wicked track but after that he became a bit too drum n bassey for my tastes. But then he goes and samples one of the best movies of all time so I had to dip my hat to that. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there unconvinced by Reso, but even if you are you should try this mix as it's quite good. Way more subdued than his productions. OK maybe not way more... (I have it in the headphones now and some chainsaw-type sounds just started. I gotta listen to these things more before I start crapping on about them...)

Alpha Wave Movement — Alpha Wave Movement
[unknown] — Rock My Boat Dub
Asianova — Futek
Ramadanman — Oity
ENA — Use Your Imagination
Iohan — Blow
Benny Page & Zero G — Ain’t No Joke
Stripper — Stripper (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
Flush — Losers (feat. Riz MC & Envy, Skism Remix)
Numan — 7th Key (501 Remix)
Maroon Chant — Gemmy
Light Weaver — Elemental
Code Four — Numan
Just Say — Synkro
Someone — DJ Madd (Breakage Remix)
Reverse — Scuba
Price — George Lenton
Halogen — Photek
A Quiet Innovation — Alpha Wave Movement


(Why can't everyone just format their tracklists 'artist-title-label'?? It's Christmas Eve and I way too lazy to change it to match the rest of the blog. Merry fuckin' Christmas everyone).

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