Friday, July 17, 2009

Clark Mix

This came out of nowhere. It wasn't in the "coming up" section and after falling in love with the new album Totems Flare, I couldn't have got a better surprise than this, Clark doing a 30 minute mix for Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental for the 15th of July 2009.

No tracklist again this week but I can tell you it's a good one. Opening with a track from what was easily one of my favourite albums from last year, Harvey Milk's Life... The Best Game In Town, just blew me off my fucking seat. Headbanging at my work desk did follow. Then mixing from that into Rainbow Voodoo, one of the highlights from Totems Flare, made me realise I was about to get into one of the best mixes from the show all year. A few more tracks from the album are on there and other artists like Zomby get an airing as well.

One thing though, when he launches into Hypnotize by Biggie, a track I fucking adore, all the swearing has been taken out and it sounds FUCKING SHIT. That's one thing that's always bugged me about the MAH show. It goes out at 3 in the morning, yet they constantly edit swearing. I just think if you're the kind of person that gets offended by swearing in music, don't listen to the radio at 3am! It's not like it's prime time, yet we're subjected to versions of songs that sound like they're being played on some Video Hits type show. And with hiphop, there's more that's cut out than what's left in! So we get to hear Biggie rap every fourth word. Awesome. In this it sounds like he's fucked it up a bit more to kind of hide the swearing edits but, it doesn't work. Leave the swearing in or don't fucking play hiphop. Simple.

Anyway that's seriously the ONLY downside of what is an incredible mix.



  1. It's not a clean version. That is an edit by Clark. You can even hear the word 'fuck' at 18:37.

  2. nich mate get your finger out
    really missing the chopped up mary anne hobbs shows as im dieing to grab the sbtrk and the nochexxx mixes from the recent shows

    love your blog please dont give up on it

  3. Great blog, keep it up. I'm