Friday, April 17, 2009

Leaving Label Showcase, Mixed By Matthew David

Finally upping the mixes from the April 8 show. Really interesting mix here by Matthew David showcasing tunes from the Leaving label. Fuzzed up, blissed out soundscape-beat music. I know that doesn't really make sense but one listen and you'll know what I mean. Really nice music but still very edgy and exciting. Check it out.

Dak – ‘Waterbedwalk Outro Stand This’ (Leaving)
Jarrod Fowler – ‘Untitled 2 (Unreleased)
Julianna Barwick – ‘Untitled’
Matthewdavid – ‘Kbf Laptop Folk’ (Disk Collection)
Ursula Bogner – ‘2Ton’ (recordings 1969 – 1988)
Dak – (Leaving Cassette Collection ‘05 Selection)
Durlin Lurt – ‘Understand’
Him Jenson
Lucky Dragons - ‘Summer Swans’ (Widows Marriage)
Languis – ‘Molecular’ (Leaving)
Dak and Matthewdavid – ‘When the dumps Outdoor Cassette’ (Leaving)
Lapti – ‘Metalfoam’ (Unreleased)
Jane Jane Pollock – ‘Born Bitter My Kill Eel Are Cozy’ (Leaving)
Matthewdavid & Oba – ‘Roomthumpr’ (Dublab Presents: In The
Loop Vol. 5)
Ras G – ‘Brotha There’ (Leaving)
Dak – ‘Bitdepth Stand this’ (Leaving)


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