Friday, May 15, 2009

FaltyDL in the Mix

First set of the night for Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 13th of May 2009. I was excited about this mix as I'm always interested in the artists Planet Mu chooses to sign. You never really know what you're in for. The first track of the mix is absolutely killer. You may remember Jaime Vex'd closing with it in the mix I posted by him a whiles back.

The album comes out on the 8th of June on Planet Mu. I'll definitely be making the purchase.

FaltyDL – ‘Paradise Lost’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Encompass’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Party’ (Ramp' Recordings)
FaltyDL – ‘Anxiety’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Human Meadow‘ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Laidback’ (Unreleased)
FaltyDL – ‘In You’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Dionysos’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘Lay’ (unreleased)
FaltyDL – ‘Winter Sole’ (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – ‘And I Really Know’ (Unreleased)


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