Friday, September 10, 2010

Burial & Kode9 mix

Here we have the final mix ever made for Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental. Burial & Kode9 broadcast on the 9th of September, 2010. What else do you really need to know?

1. Speedy J – Tesla
2. Zomby – Natalia’s Song
3. Brandy – Never Say Never (El-B version 1)
4. Brandy – Never Say Never (El-B version 2)
5. Brandy – Angel (X-Men vocal mix)
6. Laurie Spiegel – Voices Within – A Requiem
7. Alena – Turn It Around (Hard House Bantons
8. Cooly G – He Da Biz
9. Theo Parrish – Soul Control feat. Alena Waters
10. KMFH aka Kyle Hall – Girl U So Strong (Wild Oats)
11. Terror Danjah – S.O.S.
12. Darkstar – 2 Chords
13. Prince – Condition of the Heart
14. Erykah Badu – Telephone
15. Foul Play – Being With U Rmx
16. A Guy called Gerald – Silent Cry


Thank you Mary Anne. From the Venetian Snares and Bong-Ra Breezeblock mixes I used to get from Soulseek, to editing my first ever mix (Goth-Trad, 20 Feb 2008) to having almost my entire musical outlook changed by one Hudson Mohawke (30 July 2008), your radio show has been a constant source of amazing music. Sure the mixes are short (I mean 15 minutes sometimes?!) but that’s kind of the point. These mixes are showcases. And at an average length of 30 minutes we get nothing but balls out bass and excitement. Perfect for during a stroll or on public transport, we love you for providing a platform for this each and every week. Your unrelenting excitement for new music pretty much bucks the trend for radio hosts. To me you weren’t a Radio 1 DJ, you were a fan, just like the people who tune in every single week. Thanks again and we hope to see you in Australia soon, playing at VOID of course!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Digital Mystikz mix

I know I’m shit at updating this blog but I’ve seriously been wanting to get this on here sooner but Mediafire has been knackered. But it’s back and this is Digital Mystikz on Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental, 2nd of September 2010.

Really, it’s 2010. I can’t add to the Digital Mystikz mythos, and anyway, if you’re here you’ll know that Mala and his Mystikz pretty much invented dubstep - and how fitting is for them to appear on one of Mary Anne’s final shows.

The mix is classic Digital Mystikz, deep, dark and slow, but with enough smoky dub to keep things from getting too overwhelming. It’s not as good as their recent masterpiece album, Return II Space but then, that’s a masterpiece. Still a cracking mix from the OGs of the genre and another great send-off for Mary Anne.

Grace Jones — Love You To Life – Digital Mystikz Remix
Digital Mystikz — Education
Digital Mystikz — Marduk
Digital Mystikz — Eyez
Digital Mystikz — Emergency
Digital Mystikz — 2 Much Chat
Digital Mystikz — Runway Andreya Triana — Town Called Ob – Digital Mystikz Remix
Digital Mystikz — Enter
Digital Mystikz — Animal
Digital Mystikz — Enter Dimensions
Digital Mystikz — Horrid Henry


N.B. I know the DM album and this mix is just Mala on his own, but I still chose to refer to him/them in the plural for this post. It just sounds better.

This is from what is still one of my favourite dubstep gigs of all time. Mala on a beer fuelled Thursday night at the shithole Abercrombie Hotel in March 2007. The sheer bass weight was amazing and really proved his theory of producing tracks especially for a massive system. That power you don't get on CD/LP. Check out Mark P grabbing his nuts(?!) Proof how good it was. Photo: James Brickwood.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

DJ Joker Ghetto Clang guest mix

Joker brings his epic grimestep sound back to Mary Anne Hobbs - From the 19th of August, 2010.

No tracklist this time but if you know Joker you know to expect soaring synths, throwbacks to electro-era hiphop and the kind of digital flourishes you’d expect to hear on a hard trance record. Joker also takes his 80s obsession a step further here by dropping a tune from Sonic the Hedgehog! It must be noted that I didn’t know it was from Sonic. I was playing the mix at work when a guy I work with pointed it out. I’m not saying I’m not a geek, I was just always a NES lad.