Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Headhunter - Juke

When Headhunter was here recently we took him to the local community radio station FBi. Instead of his usual deep, deep dubstep he went completely the other way and played a set of Juke music. Coming out of Chicago, Juke is categorized by its fast beats, minimal structure and dirty, dirty lyrics. I'd never heard it before and my first thought was "DJ Godfather crossed with Spank Rock". It's not like anything else on this blog but it's fresh and exciting but if you hate the music, you should at least get a giggle from the vocals. Fuck me in my face, indeed!

Tracklist pulled from the FBi website:

Keep On Jukin
Freekin Me On The Flo DJ Spinn
BeetleJuke Leatherface
That Booty DJ Spinn
King Kong Leatherface
What You Workin Wit DJ Spinn
Put Yo Mouth On Me DJ Spinn
Kick Yo Ass Leatherface
Lil Mumma Get Down DJ Spinn
Fuck Me In My Face White Label
Get Funky DJ Clent
Suck It DJ Dion


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