Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Peverelist mix

From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 3 December 2009. As much as I find it hard to get excited by most dubstep these days I was looking forward to this quite a lot. Not that I'm that into Peverelist's tunes, but for the fact he did easily one of the best mixes for MAH last year. He straddled the line of minimalism without ever getting boring or repetitive and has repeated the trick really well with this new mix. Not really a contender for mix of the year this time (more to do with my tastes right now than the mix being not as good), it's still an awesome sequel to last years masterpiece.

Dubkasm — Strictly Ital (feat. Ras Addis, Peverelist version) – Dubplate
Peverelist — Revival (feat Pinch) – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Not Yet Further Than – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Bluez – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Jarvik Mindstate – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Yesterday I saw the Future – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Esperanto – Punch Drunk
Peverelist — Valves – Punch Drunk



  1. No worries. Will post his mix from last year for those that haven't dug around in my Mediafire account.

    One day.