Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thundercat & Daddy Kev mix

Thundercat is the bassist for Suicidal Tendencies and is also hooked up with Flying Lotus and the Brainfeeder label. He is not a DJ. Instead of doing what a lot of producers do and bang something together he chose the tracks and got Daddy Kev to mix them like a true pro. It's a bit weird but it's better than a bunch of train wrecks or an Ableton auto-mix.

The mix he's, curated, is a steady flow of instrumental hip hop, funk and soul.

No tracklist this week.


Al Tourettes mix

Al Tourettes mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM from 13 August 2011.

25 minutes of music specifically created for this mix. Interesting then that the first track is listed as being by 'Unknown". Maybe Al was having a bit of an identity crisis...

Unknown - 'Raves 1' (Dubplate)
Al Tourettes - 'Swamp Circuit' (Dubplate)
Al Tourettes - 'Fright Bite' (Dubplate)
Al Tourettes - 'Hebridean Mindtours' (Dubplate)


Friday, August 12, 2011

Raffertie mix

Raffertie mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM 6 August 2011.

Raffertie's first mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in 2009 is the very first post on this blog. And since then, I think he's quit drinking red cordial. Gone is the HiNRG rave sound, in it's place? Well it's kind of hard to describe. The beats, where present, seem to have been pushed more into the background creating a sound that really fits his new home on Ninja Tune. Ambient sweeps and 303 squelch create an atmosphere that couldn't be imagined listening to his previous work. From someone that once made glowstick dancefloor Choons, this is more for home listening. That being said, I'd love to hear some of these tracks in a club, as there are shadows of his former self here, it's just now coming from someone that sounds like he's grown up.

Raffertie – Conical
Raffertie – Trust
Raffertie – Solennel
Raffertie – Mimetic (Underground Edit)
Raffertie – The Orchard Requiem
Raffertie – Something Waits Just Off of the Shore
Raffertie – Visual Acuity
Raffertie – Plait
Raffertie vs. Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now Edit
Raffertie – Supplement
Aluna George – You Know You Like It (Raffertie Remix)
Rafferite – Foibles


Ben UFO mix

Ben UFO mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM 6 August 2011.

Very exciting mix by Ben UFO putting tracks from this year up against a selection of 90s gems. Tracks from legendary Detroit labels Underground Resistance and Planet E in their prime period of the early-to-mid 90s. It's interesting how well tracks from 2011 fit with tracks from back then. It's not that they're ripping off that era. Not at all. They don't even sound that much alike, unless it's Boddika messing about with a 303 of course. But even then, you can still easily tell the difference. Artist from back then really relied on what equipment they had where as now the choice for producers is endless. Actually I think this mix is proof of the difference between modern day emulators and the real shit. The mix shows how much modern bass music producers are being influenced by one of the most exciting times in dance music's history. That can only be a good thing I reckon.

Hats off to the annoyingly young Ben UFO for having a cracking taste in music.

Scan 7 - System Work (Underground Resistance / 1993)
Boddika - Acid Jackson (Unreleased / 2011)
Fix - Dope Computer (KMS / 1992)
Pangaea - Fatalist (Forthcoming Hemlock / 2011)
Terrence Dixon - Pilot Error (Finest Blend / 2008)
Pearson Sound - Footloose [Beat Ritual mix] (Unreleased /2011)
Dem 2 - Northern Lights [Deep as Fuk mix] (New York Soundclash / 1997)
Jonny Biscuit - Understand Dub (JBR / 1998)
Mosca - Bax (Forthcoming Numbers / 2011)
Untold - Little Things Like That (Unreleased / 2011)
Randomer - Get Yourself Together (Unreleased / 2011)
Shortstuff - Don't Ask Don't Get (Forthcoming Swamp 81 / 2011)
Designer Music - No Control (Planet E / 1995)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hudson Mohawke mix

Hud Mo on Benji B's Radio 1 show from last Thursday the 4th of August.

Hudson Mohawke made one of my favourite mixes of all time. His July 2008 mix for Mary Anne Hobbs blew my head of and still continues to do so. It was the first so-called wonky (I still hate that name) mix I remember hearing. The off kilter beats were like nothing I'd heard before. I immediately bought all the Heralds Of Change EPs from Boomkat and have been a fan ever since. A debut album and a couple of EPs later, he returns to BBC with an absolutely KILLER mix.

So many highlights here. The new track by The-Dream is modern RnB at it's very best and fits perfectly. The remix of I See U by Lunice is just total Girl Unit - as in he's still a new producer yet he already firmly has his own sound. Jaques Green's Motivation is what the charts would sound like in a perfect world. The new Rustie track is staggering. Rave music hacked up in true serial killer style. Thunder Bay, the biggest track on Hud Mo's new EP is re-done as Thunder B.M.F. The laying down of Rick Ross burnin' money fast is just perfect. An even newer track by the man, Scud Books, is so good it could go up there with FUSE as one of the most exciting and uplifting tracks of the whole wonky (urgh) style. More exciting "pop" music comes in the form of Jhene Aiko's Space Jams. Proof that pop needs more bass. Imagine it was all like this? Walking past clothes shops wouldn't induce nose bleeds...

I did cut the mix short a tiny bit as Benji B was going on a bit. It shouldn't matter as the track that's playing is from the album Butter, which everyone should own by now. If not, you get to hear half of it at least. Now go buy Butter.

Amazing mix by one of the most exciting producers working today.

Mahavishnu Orchestra — Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
Hudson Mohawke — B Ur Fantasy
Hudson Mohawke — Furnace Loop
B Bravo and Teeko — Drop It
The-Dream — Bodywork
Lunice — I See U (Girl Unit Remix)
Jaques Greenes — Motivation
Rustie — Hover Traps
Luckybeard — BonaLi
Hudson Mohawke — Thunder B.M.F.
Aaliyah — Are U That Somebody (Mohawke Mix)
Hudson Mohawke — Scud Books
Jhene Aiko — Space Jams
Pleasure Prinicple Bootleg — Unknown
Redinho — Stay Together
Hudson Mohawke — Rising 5 [Warp]


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Starkey mix

Starkey on Mary Anne Hobbs / XFM 30 June 2011.

I have a long history with Starkey. He first sprang on to my radar with the amazing track 'Bounce' in 2007. All the dubstep I was into at the time was coming out of the UK and this didn't sound anything like it. With a big hip hop influence it owed more to grime than dubstep. This was just proof that Starkey had been cultivating his own style without influence from the UK scene. It was a refreshing change from a scene dominated and being written by artists like Digital Mystiks, Skream and Distance.

A year later he played on the Generation Bass special hosted by Mary Anne Hobbs. The concept of the show was for artists that appeared on Mary Anne's breakthrough 2007 Dubstep Wars show to choose a set each by an artist they admire. It was the originals of the scene introducing the second generation. Mala chose Silkie, Kode9 chose Joker and Jaime Vex'd chose Starkey. Along with Joker's, Starkey's set became an instant classic. Mostly playing tracks from his forthcoming debut album for Planet Mu, it confirmed him as one of my favourite new artists. With tracks like Miracles and Spacewalk, for a while I had it on constant repeat.

A few months later and that album was released. Titled Ephemeral Exhibits the striking thing about it was how different it was. Still refusing to just rip-off the UK sound, Ephemeral Exhibits is synth heavy, hip hop inspired alien music. And laden with Starkey's amazing gift for melody.

The gap between album one and two gave us the Miracles 12" in 2009. With the Jaime Vex'd remix becoming one of my most played tunes of the year. Also doing the rounds on mixes at the time was a track called Murderous Words. A track seemingly designed to keep me so excited by this producer at all costs. Heavy snyths building uplifting melodies without ever being cheesy. Being up behind the decks when Kito played it one night at Void is one of my favourite memories from running that club.

In 2010 came Ear Drums And Black Holes. Compared to Ephemeral Exhibits, Starkey had come down to Earth. His same basic template was there but now it was a lot more varied. It struck a perfect balance between vocal and instrumental tracks. Murderous Words appeared but now it had a rapper on top of the beats. And it worked perfectly. Numb is a headphone grime masterpiece and Club Games is a brilliant piece of futuristic hip hop. The instrumental tracks were classic Starkey. 11th Hour being my personal highlight. It's rhythm and melody so strong it seems to tell a story without the need for vocals.

So here we are in 2011. I have to admit Starkey has been a bit hit and miss in his mixes over the last few years. Sometimes leaning way to close to the old chainsaw sound everyone with ears got sick of after five minutes. As the below mix proves it's his own productions and remixes that are the highlights. His new track for Ninja Tune hints at great things for the future. His gift for melody and drama still firmly in place. The non-Starkey highlight on this mix is Araabmusik's AT2. One of my favourite tunes this year, it's great to see how perfectly it fits into a mix like this.

Emil - Deadwood (Starkey Remix) (B Unique)
Splurt - Red & White (Dub)
Starkey - Two Lives (Dub)
Starkey - Street Rockers (Civil Music)
16Bit - Boston Cream (MTA)
Dev79 & Thrills - Off In a Minute (ft. Skamma) (Slit Jockey)
Starkey - Cannibals (Dub)
Swindle - Ringworm (Dub)
Juicy J & Lex Luger - Who Da Neighbors (Mixtape)
Araabmuzik - AT2 (Duke Productions)
Stagga - Wild For the Night (Slit Jockey)
Amon Tobin - Wooden Toy (Starkey Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Starkey - Rayguns (Ninja Tune)
Saturn Never Sleeps - All Seasons Are Good (Starkey Remix) (SNS)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

George FitzGerald mix

George FitzGerald on Mary Anne Hobbs / XFM. 30 June 2011.

George FitzGerald - We Bilateral (Hotflush)
George FitzGerald - Shackled (Hotflush)
George FitzGerald - Feel Like (CDR)
Jack Dixon & Rick Grant - Muted (ManMakeMusic)
Jack Dixon & Rick Grant - Running Man (ManMakeMusic)
George FitzGerald - Reset (Aus)
George FitzGerald - Fernweh (forthcoming ManMakeMusic)


Friday, August 5, 2011

Teebs mix

Wow. Absolutely stunning mix from Teebs. Ten minutes of beautiful ambient before we even hear some beats. Put this through your headphones and find a nice park somewhere and let it take you away.

Teebs - 'Messin Round'
Teebs - 'Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff'
Teebs 'Humming Birds'
Teebs - 'Norma_'
Teebs - 'Double Fifths'
S.Maharaba - 'Afternoon'
BNJMN - 'One Sea' (Lukid remix)
Teebs - 'Gordon'


Blawan mix

Super tight mix by Blawan from Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM. 23 June 2011.

Music for post-apocalyptic dancefloors:

Unknown - Unknown (Dubplate)
Northern Structures - 'Bolts' (Sonic Groove)
Blawan - 'Hollow It Out' (Dubplate)
Analogue Cops & Blawan - Untitled (Dubplate)
Monrella - 'Studio 1' (Zet. Records)
Beastie Respond - 'Syncopy' (Blawan's tragt Mekanik) (Teal)
User - 'Cannon Fodder 2' (Extra Length)
Blawan - 'Peaches (Melting Flesh)' (Dubplate)
Indigo Kennedy- 'Untitled B1' from the 'Five Ways To Move' EP (Instillation Records)
Blawan - 'What You Do With What You Have' (R&S)
Karenn - 'Untitled' (Dubplate)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

FaltyDL mix

FaltyDL mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM 16 June 2011.

Beautiful mix from the New Yorker. The Clarke remix of Kuedo is something I've been smashing recently so it's great to hear it in a mix. And as much as I should be sick of him by now, I still can't help smiling and shaking my head at the undeniable talents of Burial. Also getting a Windowlicker B side is pretty sweet. I liked those B sides immediately when I first bought that single. 12 holy shit years ago. I'm older but like all his work from that period, the music is timeless.

Another can't-recommend-it-enough mix. Get on it.

John Tavener – Funeral Canticle (Harmonia Mundi)
Kuedo – Glow – Clark remix (Planet Mu)
Downtown 1 train 1:02pm
Dego – Monday Blues (2000 Black)
Burial – NYC (Hyperdub)
Heterotic – All Of My Mind (Planet Mu)
FaltyDL – Space (Planet Mu)
Floating Points – Farukx (Eglo)
Vezelay – Archetype (Planet Mu)
Aphex Twin – Nannou (Warp)
John Tavener – Funeral Canticle reprise (Harmonia Mundi)


Daedelus mix

Daedelus mix from Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM 16 July 2011.

Anyone that's heard a Daedelus mix or seen him play knows what to expect. Frantic electronica and hyper bass music is the order of the day. 29 tracks squeezed into 25 minutes thrashed out in a way only Daedelus knows how.

Wye Oak – We Were Wealth – Civilian
Clicks & Whistles – Hello – Dubplate
Daedelus – Off Angles Edges – Proximal Vol 1: A Narrative of the City
D.I.M.’ – Kleine Traume EP
Carte Blanche – Gare Du Nord – Black Billionaires EP
Clicks & Whisltes – ‘Neva Get Caught’ – Dubplate
Louis La Roche – Super Soaker – Super Soaker EP
Modek – Quasimodo – Don Rimini Presents the Perfect Prescription
Dirty Super Car – Get A Grip (The Loops of Fury remix) – Get A Grip SP
Silkie – It’s Late – City Limits, Vol. 1.6-1.8 EP
Salva – Sumn Bout Dis Girl – Unreleased
Inventus – On The Phone – On The Phone SP
Dj Slugo feat. Tasha – Get Down Low – I’m Dj Slugo
Untold – I Can’t Stop This Feeling – I Can’t stop This Feeling EP
My Dry Wet Mess – 360 Minutes Ahead Of You (For Maryam) – Unreleased
No Schnitzel – No Schnitzel (Machinedrum rmx) – Unreleased
James Blake – I Never Learnt to Share – James Blake
Stagga – Timewarp – Timewarp SP
Jonwayne – Time Trial – Bowser
Dj Rashad – Who Da Coldest – Itz Not Rite Ep
Stagga – Genik Riddim – Genik Riddim SP
Ellen Allien – Feel Like – Pump
Trolley Snatcha – Circle K – Circle K SP
LDFD – Outtacontrol (Dj Clap remix) – Unreleased
LDFD – Outtacontrol – Outtacontrol EP (Magical Properties Records)
Daedelus – Overwhelmed (Star Slinger remix) – Overwhelmed EP
Daedelus – Hrs:Mins:Secs – Love To Make Music To
Weeknd – The Morning – House Of Balloons


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Machinedrum mix

From the artist formally known as Machine Drum comes an absolutely killer mix for Mary Anne Hobbs and XFM, 9 July 2011.

Machinedrum has been around for about ten years now and in that time he's tried his hand at too many styles off dance music to mention. Like a lot of people his current obsession is Juke. But unlike the actual juke boys from Chicago, he's not making pure cuts for the dancefloor, instead he's letting it fuse with all the other influences he's collected over the years. This was very apparent in his recent (brilliant) Fact mix where he edited old breakbeat hardcore and jungle records into the juke style. This may seem sacrilegious to some people but it's always been my experience that purists can fuck right off.

This mix is highly, absolutely, fuckingly recommended.

Youngteam - 'Seasondeux' (Dubplate)
Dorian Concept - 'Melonswater' (Dubplate)
Slick Shoota - 'Blaze It' (Dubplate)
Yoin - 'Martial Status' (Dubplate)
Krampfhaft - 'Perfect Gain Structure' (Saturate!Records)
Louis Blaze - 'Love & Gwalla' Phillip D Kick Remix (Dubplate)
DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer - 'Ganja Man' (Slammin Vinyl)
DJ T-Why - 'Low End Bang It' (Juke Trax)
DJ Diamond - 'Wreckage' (Planet Mu)
Badawi - 'No Schnitzel' Machinedrum Remix (Index)
Dream Continuum - 'B Fre' (Dubplate)
Jeep Head - 'Jungle Breeze' (Section 12)
Ital Tek - 'Particle Zoo' (Young Montana? Remix) (Forthcoming Atom River)


Silkie mix

Mary Anne is back. And what better way to kick things off with the style she championed the most. Good ol' dubstep. Nothing experimental here, just straight up dancefloor mechanics.

From the 9th of July 2011.

Silkie vs Nolay - 'It's A Lie (He Said She Said I Am Bad)' (Dubplate)
Silkie - 'It's Late' (Deep Medi)
Silkie - '80's Baby' (Deep Medi)
Silkie - 'Float' (Deep Medi)
Silkie vs Von D - 'Snowed In' (Deep Medi)
Benga - 'Descending' (Tempa)
Silkie - 'Get Up N Dance' (Deep Medi)
Silkie - 'Turvy' (Deep Medi)
Silkie vs Skream - 'Untitled' (Deep Medi)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Scuba at Sonar 2011

Before we get into the MAH mixes I'll get this out of the way. Scuba's set from Sonar this year. I was actually there for this and remember thinking; when did Scuba start playing house music? There's a couple of good tunes in there but it's mainly being posted for my own nostalgic purposes.

Download Scuba at Sonar 2011

By the time Scuba took the stage they were running an hour behind schedule. Before he actually started playing he was standing behind his CDJs with his arms crossed for ages looking a tad grumpy. Provided us with lots of laughs. See pic:


Mary Anne Hobbs is back on the radio hosting mixes so I guess it's time to re-boot this thing. Sure she's posting the mixes on Mixcloud and yes you can use the Mixcloud app to play them when you're out and about, so I guess this blog will be aimed at people still rocking redundant technologies like iPods and shit data plans. I have a backlog of mixes to edit and upload so check back soon.