Friday, July 10, 2009

Mochipet Mix

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental, 8th of July 2009.

I'd been meaning to check out Mochipet for a while. I was going to download his XLR8R Podcast but after browsing the tracklist it looked a bit too much like a silly mashup set so I didn't bother. And after listening to his MAH mix, yes it is like that but he just pulls it off somehow. Silly animal costumes and all.

Tracklisting to follow


P.S. That "tracklisting to follow" is copied and pasted from the BBC website. It's basically code for "there won't be a tracklist for this mix".

P.P.S What You Know by T.I. still rules. And Bump by Spank Rock is still pretty cool, even when being banged into MJ's Thriller.

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  1. His own production is pretty sweet and he's been quite prolific this year as well.