Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mount Kimbie in the mix

This is the Mount Kimbie mix from November last year. The link has been around the forums for a while so you might already have it, but it's so good I thought I'd re-post.

Mount Kimbie – ‘Untitled’
Mount Kimbie – ‘Untitled’
Mount Kimbie – ‘Maybes’
Dabrye – ‘Game Over’ feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat
Jamie Woon – ‘Wayfairing Stranger’
Mount Kimbie - ‘William’ feat. Adonye Green


Mount Kimbie's Myspace

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental: X Chromosome Special, 22nd of April 2009

All female line-up on the latest Mary Anne Hobbs show. It's not only producers/DJs but singers as well. Including the husband and wife team of The Long Lost (Daedelus is the husband), Nadsroic singing over the top of HudMo beats and Ahu, who you might know as Dolly, the voice on the Flying Lotus track RobertaFlack. Also great to see Kito on there reppin' the homeland!

Vaccine mix
Kito – ‘Cold’ (Vaccine remix)
Vaccine – ‘Radiate’
Vaccine – ‘Fever’
Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ (Vaccine remix)
Vaccine – ‘Electrolyte’
Vaccine – ‘Bad Habit’
Burial – ‘In McDonalds’

Cooly G mix
Cooly G – ‘Feeling You’
Cooly G – ‘Craze’
Cooly G – ‘Weekend Fly’
Cooly G – ‘Touch’
Cooly G – ‘Last Night’
Cooly G – ‘Dis Boy Mix 2 Tribal’
Cooly G – ‘Love Dub Refix’

Nadsroic & Husdon Mohawke mix
Hudson Mo Loops – ‘M5000 Loop’
Damfunk – ‘Rhythm Trax’
The Blessings – ‘Faberge’
Nadsroic – ‘Room Mist’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Saw You There’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Peekaboo’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Step Back’ (prod HudsonMo)
Nadsroic – ‘Allhot’ (prod HudsonMo)

Ikonika mix
Ikonika – ‘Mikronic’ (Hyperdub)
Ikonika – ‘Mucking’ (Hyperdub)
Ikonika – ‘Sahara Michael’ (Hyperdub)
Mujava – ‘Township Funk’ Ikonika’s Nexus-6 Remix (Warp)
Computer Jay – ‘Maintain’ Ikonika Remix (Ramp)

Blank Blue mix
Blank Blue – ‘Intro’
Blank Blue – ‘Eyes Closed’ (Original Edit)/(Nosaj Thing Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘All the Shallow Deep’ (Dntel Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘Blank Blue’ (Flying Lotus Remix)
Blank Blue – ‘In the Swim’

Kito mix
Kito feat. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’
Kito – ‘On The Floor’
TRG – ‘Just Me’
Kito – ‘Don't Wanna Lose You’
Santogold – ‘Starstruck’ (Diplo Remix)
Zomby – ‘Spliff Dub’ (Rustie Remix)
Kito – ‘What If’

Ahu mix
Flying Lotus feat. Dolly – ‘Roberta Flack’ (Demo Version)
Mr.Beatnick ft. Ahu – ‘I Know All The B****es’ (Bullion Remix) (Altered Vibes)
Soundspecies ft.Ahu – ‘Can We Call It Love’ (Burntprogress)

Subeena mix

Subeena – ‘Dr. Dexter’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Slide’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Call it anger’ (Imminent recordings) (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Your journey’ – dedicated to Ben (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Miscalculate’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘Boksd’ (Imminent recordings)
Subeena – ‘Lluvia’ (unreleased)
Subeena – ‘System Message’ (unreleased)

The Long Lost mix
The Long Lost - ‘Past Perfect’
The Long Lost - ‘The Art of Kissing’
Flying Lotus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Auntie's Lock / Infinitum’
Daedelus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Now & Sleep’
The Long Lost – ‘Siren Song’
The Long Lost – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Tunng remix) – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Computer Jay's Syntax Error mix) – ‘Amiss’
The Long Lost (Flying Lotus' Luckiest Charm mix) – ‘Woebegone’
The Long Lost - ‘Woebegone’
The Long Lost - ‘Regrets Only’
Flying Lotus (featuring Laura Darlington) – ‘Unexpected Delight’
The Long Lost – ‘Sibilance’

Enjoy. Girl power!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TRG on BBC Radio 1's Rob Da Bank and Friends, 20th of April 2009

If you find that lately you've been spending more time listening to the music dubstep spawned rather than dubstep itself, then this is the mix to remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place. Dark and atmospheric but still really accessible, this is cheese-free dancefloor dubstep at its best.

Track highlights include Clubroot, one of my favourite new producers, also the TRG track that closes the mix, but the biggest tune here is by Joker & Ginz. After thrashing Do It / Psychedelic Runway on my mp3 player all week, I'm just staggered at the amount of talent this kid has.

Clubroot – ‘Low Pressure Zone’ (Lo Dubs)
Madd – ‘I Know It's U’ (White)
Kito ft. Reija Lee – ‘LFO’ (Disfigured Dubs)
TRG – ‘Just Me’ (White)
Pinch – ‘Attack Of the Giant Robot Spiders’ (White)
Peverelist – ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ (Punch Drunk)
Scuba – ‘Negative’ (Naked Lunch)
Kalbata – ‘Oh Gosh’ (White)
TRG – ‘New In Town’ (White)
Kode 9 – ‘Bad’ (Hyperdub)
Deekline & Wizard – ‘Back Up (Love for the Music) - TRG Remix’(Against The Grain)
Joker & Ginz – ‘ReUp’ (Kapsize)
TRG – ‘909 Trek’ (White)


Martyn on BBC Radio 1's Rob Da Bank and Friends, 20th of April 2009

Martyn mix from last Monday. A perfect example of the whole dubstep-meets-techno-meets-house sound.

Martyn – ‘Natural Selection’ (3024)
Kloke – ‘Basement’ (Entrada Recordings)
Millie & Andrea – ‘Black Hammer’ (Daphne001)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Makonde’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
Apple – ‘Seigalizer’ (Slim Ting)
Hard House Banton – ‘Reign’ (SRE)
Efdemin – ‘Acid Bells Martyns Dark Mix’ (Curle)
Martyn – ‘Elden St.’ (3024)
Karizma – ‘Groove 'A'kordingly’ (R2 Records)
2000 And One – ‘Funk That’ (100% Pure)
Adam Marshall – ‘Rose Mountain’ (Cynosure)
Martyn – ‘Bridge’ (3024)
Goldie – ‘Truth Ft. David Bowie’ (Ffrr)
Martyn – ‘Far Away’ (3024)
Uncle Bakongo – ‘Anlo Ewe’ (Roska Kicks And Snares)
D-Malice – ‘Gabryelle Refix’ (White)
Deadbeat – ‘Incinerate’ (Wagon Repair)
Manoo – ‘Agoe’ (Earthrumental Music)
Shut Up And Dance – ‘Epileptic Martyns No Strobe Mix’ (Shut Up And Dance)
Martyn Ft. Dbridge – ‘These Words’ (3024)


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Legion Of Two - Palace Dub (Demo/Edit)

This is a Legion Of Two track that appeared on a compliation that coincided with the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. I can so feel myself moving into fanboi status with these guys. The tracks are really heavy yet they still have this amazing forward momentum to them. I can see myself loving these guys either from a massive rig on the dancefloor or from a boombox in some public-park-beer-drinking session. Perfect.

Download Palace Dub

Friday, April 17, 2009

Legion Of Two in the Mix

"A new project from Alan O'Boyle and David Lacey pits electronics against live drums and percussion for a dark, dense and noisy dirge. Huge basslines, slow pounding drums and feedback dominate. Industrial, dub and metal influences are shredded through old guitar pedals and cheap reverbs and reassembled into a driving and melodic force."
Not a bad way to start a press release.

When the world of electronic music dabbles in metal it usually turns out something like Drumcorps or Bong Ra's Grindkrusher; fast metal riffs over fast jungle/breakcore beats. It's fun when you first listen, but the format starts to wear thin pretty quickly. Supposedly what makes that music "metal" is the riffs, but the fact the whole thing is made by someone sitting at a PC is very un-metal - meaning you could see the guitars as being just another sound on a breakcore track.
So what happens when you turn the whole thing on its head? Throw out the drum machine and the guitars and what do you get? Legion Of Two. And they are metal.
The live drums are what is missing from all the sampled electro-metal out there, it gives the whole thing a massive weight which is what heavy fucking metal is all about. With bands like Sunn showing us you can be metal without picking up a guitar (see the video a few posts back) groups like Legion Of Two, while being grounded in the electronic scene (they're signed to Planet Mu), could end up finally making the electronic-metal album fans of both genres deserve.

More of a showcase than a mix, the remix of one of my favourite Sunken Foal tracks was a very pleasant surprise. Enjoy.

Intro – ‘Starbound’
Legion Of Two
Sunken Foal – ‘Rikkic Racquet’ [Legion Of Two Remake]
‘Swan Song‘


Leaving Label Showcase, Mixed By Matthew David

Finally upping the mixes from the April 8 show. Really interesting mix here by Matthew David showcasing tunes from the Leaving label. Fuzzed up, blissed out soundscape-beat music. I know that doesn't really make sense but one listen and you'll know what I mean. Really nice music but still very edgy and exciting. Check it out.

Dak – ‘Waterbedwalk Outro Stand This’ (Leaving)
Jarrod Fowler – ‘Untitled 2 (Unreleased)
Julianna Barwick – ‘Untitled’
Matthewdavid – ‘Kbf Laptop Folk’ (Disk Collection)
Ursula Bogner – ‘2Ton’ (recordings 1969 – 1988)
Dak – (Leaving Cassette Collection ‘05 Selection)
Durlin Lurt – ‘Understand’
Him Jenson
Lucky Dragons - ‘Summer Swans’ (Widows Marriage)
Languis – ‘Molecular’ (Leaving)
Dak and Matthewdavid – ‘When the dumps Outdoor Cassette’ (Leaving)
Lapti – ‘Metalfoam’ (Unreleased)
Jane Jane Pollock – ‘Born Bitter My Kill Eel Are Cozy’ (Leaving)
Matthewdavid & Oba – ‘Roomthumpr’ (Dublab Presents: In The
Loop Vol. 5)
Ras G – ‘Brotha There’ (Leaving)
Dak – ‘Bitdepth Stand this’ (Leaving)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jamie Vex'd LuckyMe Mixtape

This is the best mix I've heard in a long, long time. It's not new so you might have heard it but if not, do not dawdle. Vex'd were always a powerhouse but what Jamie's doing on his own is something very special. In a time when it's very easy to just copy what's going on, Jamie Vex'd seems to be just carving his own path. Keep an ear out for his original tunes in this mix. Really exciting stuff. Just as good is his track selection. Chucking in a Tim Hecker tune is just perfect! Enjoy.

Jamie Vex'd - Saturn's Reply
Rich Reason & Fantastic Mr Fox - Bleep Show
Scuba - Twitch (Jamie Vex'd Remix)
Starkey - Creature
Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel
Erykah Badu - Twinkle
Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's A Computer
Cannibal Ox - F Word (Instrumental)
Zomby - Fantastique (Remix)
Falty DL - To London
Shawty Lo Ft DG Yola Vs Timeblind - Lets Decay It (Dev 79's Blend)
Stagga - Lopside (Doshy Remix)
Modeselektor - Black Box (Rustie Remix)
Joker - Psychedlic Runway
Starkey - Gutter Music VIP
Naptha - Soundclash (Grevious Angel VIP)
Tim Hecker - Sundown6093
Falty DL - Paradise Lost

The mix is from the LuckyMe website so go here: and scroll down to number 25. The link is the picture of the chick so right click and save that shit as!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gravious Live on FBi 94.5

Here's a live set (using Ableton) that Gravious did for FBi radio when he was out here recently. Really nice chilled dubstep and quite different from his promo mix that I posted last month.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Starkey and MC Halfcast on FBi 6th of March 2009

Here's the set Starkey did for FBi back in March. Highlights of the mix are the Jamie Vex'd remix of Miracles and the fucking awesome new Starkey tune Murderous Words. At the start of the mix MC Halfcast was using a desk mic like what the radio announcers use, meaning it was killing the sound coming through the mixer. They sorted themselves pretty quickly though so it only affects the first few tunes. Enjoy.

00 - Interview Segment
01 - Starkey "Escape"
02 - Starkey "Pleasure Points"
03 - Starkey "Striking Distance"
04 - AC Slater "Hello"
05 - Jamie Vex'd "Radiant Industry"
06 - Starkey "Creature"
07 - Zomby "Gloop"
08 - Joker & Ginz "Purple City"
09 - Starkey "Club Games"
10 - Numan "Skull Crusher"
11 - Starkey "Pressure"
12 - Starkey "Miracles (Jamie Vex'd remix)"
13 - Starkey "Angel"
14 - Starkey "Murderous Words"
15 - DNAE Beats "Razor Kut"
16 - Kotchy "One For the Money (Starkey remix)"
17 - MOVES!!! "All Skate"
18 - DZ "What You Won't Do For Love VIP"
19 - Rustie "Bad Science"
20 - Starkey "Gritty"
21 - Raffertie "Antisocial"
22 - Starkey "Dark Alley"
00 - Interview Segment


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moog Ceremony

Bass music in it's purist form. Hail the Sunn.