Friday, June 12, 2009

Kotchy Mix

This mix by Brooklyn's Kotchy really blew me away. It's like he's deconstructed hiphop and then rearranged it in a variety of different forms, from the bare bones minimalist vibe at the start to the more straight up vocal stuff further in. I recommend this mix to everyone. You don't have to be into hiphop, in fact sometimes it strays so far you don't know what to call it! But underneath is the spirit and soul of hiphop.

You might have heard the song One For The Money. Awesome, awesome tune. It comes in at about 4.35 if you're counting. Such a good track.

Kotchy – ‘Raise Your Eyebrows’ (89 / Civil Music/Seclusiasis)
Kotchy – ‘Falling In Love’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘One For The Money’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘Sing What You Want’ (89)
Kotchy – ‘Holla’ [I'd Have To Be High EP] (Civil Music/Seclusiasis)
Kotchy – ‘Stick Around’
Kotchy - ‘Barbara Cocker’


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  1. mrk1 did a pretty badman remix of 'sing what you want', but the original is definitely monster tune.