Friday, August 12, 2011

Raffertie mix

Raffertie mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM 6 August 2011.

Raffertie's first mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in 2009 is the very first post on this blog. And since then, I think he's quit drinking red cordial. Gone is the HiNRG rave sound, in it's place? Well it's kind of hard to describe. The beats, where present, seem to have been pushed more into the background creating a sound that really fits his new home on Ninja Tune. Ambient sweeps and 303 squelch create an atmosphere that couldn't be imagined listening to his previous work. From someone that once made glowstick dancefloor Choons, this is more for home listening. That being said, I'd love to hear some of these tracks in a club, as there are shadows of his former self here, it's just now coming from someone that sounds like he's grown up.

Raffertie – Conical
Raffertie – Trust
Raffertie – Solennel
Raffertie – Mimetic (Underground Edit)
Raffertie – The Orchard Requiem
Raffertie – Something Waits Just Off of the Shore
Raffertie – Visual Acuity
Raffertie – Plait
Raffertie vs. Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now Edit
Raffertie – Supplement
Aluna George – You Know You Like It (Raffertie Remix)
Rafferite – Foibles


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