Friday, August 5, 2011

Blawan mix

Super tight mix by Blawan from Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM. 23 June 2011.

Music for post-apocalyptic dancefloors:

Unknown - Unknown (Dubplate)
Northern Structures - 'Bolts' (Sonic Groove)
Blawan - 'Hollow It Out' (Dubplate)
Analogue Cops & Blawan - Untitled (Dubplate)
Monrella - 'Studio 1' (Zet. Records)
Beastie Respond - 'Syncopy' (Blawan's tragt Mekanik) (Teal)
User - 'Cannon Fodder 2' (Extra Length)
Blawan - 'Peaches (Melting Flesh)' (Dubplate)
Indigo Kennedy- 'Untitled B1' from the 'Five Ways To Move' EP (Instillation Records)
Blawan - 'What You Do With What You Have' (R&S)
Karenn - 'Untitled' (Dubplate)


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