Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Machinedrum mix

From the artist formally known as Machine Drum comes an absolutely killer mix for Mary Anne Hobbs and XFM, 9 July 2011.

Machinedrum has been around for about ten years now and in that time he's tried his hand at too many styles off dance music to mention. Like a lot of people his current obsession is Juke. But unlike the actual juke boys from Chicago, he's not making pure cuts for the dancefloor, instead he's letting it fuse with all the other influences he's collected over the years. This was very apparent in his recent (brilliant) Fact mix where he edited old breakbeat hardcore and jungle records into the juke style. This may seem sacrilegious to some people but it's always been my experience that purists can fuck right off.

This mix is highly, absolutely, fuckingly recommended.

Youngteam - 'Seasondeux' (Dubplate)
Dorian Concept - 'Melonswater' (Dubplate)
Slick Shoota - 'Blaze It' (Dubplate)
Yoin - 'Martial Status' (Dubplate)
Krampfhaft - 'Perfect Gain Structure' (Saturate!Records)
Louis Blaze - 'Love & Gwalla' Phillip D Kick Remix (Dubplate)
DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer - 'Ganja Man' (Slammin Vinyl)
DJ T-Why - 'Low End Bang It' (Juke Trax)
DJ Diamond - 'Wreckage' (Planet Mu)
Badawi - 'No Schnitzel' Machinedrum Remix (Index)
Dream Continuum - 'B Fre' (Dubplate)
Jeep Head - 'Jungle Breeze' (Section 12)
Ital Tek - 'Particle Zoo' (Young Montana? Remix) (Forthcoming Atom River)


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