Friday, August 12, 2011

Ben UFO mix

Ben UFO mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM 6 August 2011.

Very exciting mix by Ben UFO putting tracks from this year up against a selection of 90s gems. Tracks from legendary Detroit labels Underground Resistance and Planet E in their prime period of the early-to-mid 90s. It's interesting how well tracks from 2011 fit with tracks from back then. It's not that they're ripping off that era. Not at all. They don't even sound that much alike, unless it's Boddika messing about with a 303 of course. But even then, you can still easily tell the difference. Artist from back then really relied on what equipment they had where as now the choice for producers is endless. Actually I think this mix is proof of the difference between modern day emulators and the real shit. The mix shows how much modern bass music producers are being influenced by one of the most exciting times in dance music's history. That can only be a good thing I reckon.

Hats off to the annoyingly young Ben UFO for having a cracking taste in music.

Scan 7 - System Work (Underground Resistance / 1993)
Boddika - Acid Jackson (Unreleased / 2011)
Fix - Dope Computer (KMS / 1992)
Pangaea - Fatalist (Forthcoming Hemlock / 2011)
Terrence Dixon - Pilot Error (Finest Blend / 2008)
Pearson Sound - Footloose [Beat Ritual mix] (Unreleased /2011)
Dem 2 - Northern Lights [Deep as Fuk mix] (New York Soundclash / 1997)
Jonny Biscuit - Understand Dub (JBR / 1998)
Mosca - Bax (Forthcoming Numbers / 2011)
Untold - Little Things Like That (Unreleased / 2011)
Randomer - Get Yourself Together (Unreleased / 2011)
Shortstuff - Don't Ask Don't Get (Forthcoming Swamp 81 / 2011)
Designer Music - No Control (Planet E / 1995)


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