Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hudson Mohawke mix

Hud Mo on Benji B's Radio 1 show from last Thursday the 4th of August.

Hudson Mohawke made one of my favourite mixes of all time. His July 2008 mix for Mary Anne Hobbs blew my head of and still continues to do so. It was the first so-called wonky (I still hate that name) mix I remember hearing. The off kilter beats were like nothing I'd heard before. I immediately bought all the Heralds Of Change EPs from Boomkat and have been a fan ever since. A debut album and a couple of EPs later, he returns to BBC with an absolutely KILLER mix.

So many highlights here. The new track by The-Dream is modern RnB at it's very best and fits perfectly. The remix of I See U by Lunice is just total Girl Unit - as in he's still a new producer yet he already firmly has his own sound. Jaques Green's Motivation is what the charts would sound like in a perfect world. The new Rustie track is staggering. Rave music hacked up in true serial killer style. Thunder Bay, the biggest track on Hud Mo's new EP is re-done as Thunder B.M.F. The laying down of Rick Ross burnin' money fast is just perfect. An even newer track by the man, Scud Books, is so good it could go up there with FUSE as one of the most exciting and uplifting tracks of the whole wonky (urgh) style. More exciting "pop" music comes in the form of Jhene Aiko's Space Jams. Proof that pop needs more bass. Imagine it was all like this? Walking past clothes shops wouldn't induce nose bleeds...

I did cut the mix short a tiny bit as Benji B was going on a bit. It shouldn't matter as the track that's playing is from the album Butter, which everyone should own by now. If not, you get to hear half of it at least. Now go buy Butter.

Amazing mix by one of the most exciting producers working today.

Mahavishnu Orchestra — Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
Hudson Mohawke — B Ur Fantasy
Hudson Mohawke — Furnace Loop
B Bravo and Teeko — Drop It
The-Dream — Bodywork
Lunice — I See U (Girl Unit Remix)
Jaques Greenes — Motivation
Rustie — Hover Traps
Luckybeard — BonaLi
Hudson Mohawke — Thunder B.M.F.
Aaliyah — Are U That Somebody (Mohawke Mix)
Hudson Mohawke — Scud Books
Jhene Aiko — Space Jams
Pleasure Prinicple Bootleg — Unknown
Redinho — Stay Together
Hudson Mohawke — Rising 5 [Warp]


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