Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ikonika mix

Stunning mix by Ikonika from Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental 1st of April, 2010.

I wasn't too excited by the thought of this as I've already thrashed her album since it came out. I was wrong. Hearing the best songs from it smashed together like this makes for a very exciting 16 minutes. Download the mix then go and get the album. In my opinion it's one of the best long players to come out of the post-dubstep explosion.

Ikonika — They Are All Losing The War – Hyperdub
Ikonika — Heston – Hyperdub
Ikonika — Look (Final Boss Stage) – Hyperdub
Ikonika — Idiot – Hyperdub
Ikonika — Video Delays – Hyperdub
The Brown Acid — Bastard Kids (Ikonika Remix) – East Records
Ikonika — Psoriasis – Hyperdub
Ikonika — Yoshimitsu – Hyperdub
Nicki Minaj — Outro


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