Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gentleforce Mix Tape: Part 1 - Walking Into Sunrise

Ever since I started this blog I've been keen on the idea of getting an original mix on here. Not just radio edits and Void promo mixes but a proper original mix made just for this blog. With the release of the debut album by Sydney's Gentleforce I saw my opportunity and fired up the email. What came back far surpassed my expectations. The tracklist is just perfect. All time favourites like Oren Ambarchi and Cloudland Canyon sit alongside recent obsessions like Oneothrix Point Never. And of course the best band in the world, Boris. All these tracks crammed into 40 minutes creates a single beautiful piece you can't afford not to download.

1. Gentleforce - Gunning Field Recording (part 5)
2. Gentleforce - Drifting By (0.40min)
3. Oren Ambarchi - Highway Of Diamonds (1.30min)
4. The Sight Below - Dour (3.15min)
5. Rotor+ - End (Mapping The World) (5.45min)
6. Cloudland Canyon - Dambala (8.00min)
7. Oneohtrix Point Never - Laser To Laser (12.20min)
8. Chris Clark - Farewell Track (14.30min)
9. Boris - White Warmth (16.20min)
10. Roy Montgomery - The Soul Quietens (18.30min)
11. Gentleforce - Learning To Forgive (Intro) (20.40min)
12. Gentleforce - Learning To Forgive (21.30min)
13. Atlas Sound - Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel (26.05min)
14. Grouper - Heavy Water, I'd Rather Be Sleeping (27.50min)
15. Burial - Endorphin (30.05min)
16. Gregg Kowalsky - VIII (31.15min)
17. Papa M - Crowd Of One (31.55min)
18. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (34.35min)
19. Gentleforce - Majestic (We Will Never End) (36.35min)
20. Gentleforce - Gunning Field Recording (Part 2) (39.22min)


After you listen make sure you go to the Feral Media website and buy the album. Easily one of my favourites of the year and a must have for anyone into electronic music.

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