Friday, March 27, 2009

West Coast Rocks Part Two

Part two of the West Coast Rocks special. This time mixes by Teebs, Take and Exile. If you haven't already, make sure you check out Exile's album Radio. A whole album of instrumental hiphop sampled entirely from the radio. It's a must.

Teebs in the Mix
Teebs – ‘Arthurs Birds’
Teebs –‘Humming Birds’
Flying Lotus –‘Into Infinity Loop’
Teebs – ‘WLTA’
Vara – ‘Rotting Daisies’
Teebs – ‘Goodbye’
Teebs –‘My Whole Life’
Teebs – ‘Why Like This’
Dimlite – ‘Bad Dad Nr. 2’ [Kitchen Table Version]

Take in the Mix
Take –‘Paper Garden’ (Rush Hour)
Take – ‘Warm Ruin Feat Amer Gibbs’ (All City)
Take – ‘Bouncing Cherries’ (Circulations, Japan)
Take – ‘I Miss My Brains’ (All City)
Take – ‘Generation Gap’ (Circuit Tree / Eat Concrete)
Flying Lotus – ‘Goldfish’ [Take Remix]

Exile in the Mix [All Tracks Produced by Exile for Dirt Science]
System Overload
West Coast Stomp
Serial Killer
Feed Back
The White Light
Hell Fya
Me B#%*h!

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