Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trains and Holidays - A Mixtape by Broken Chip

Back from a short break (ahem) we have our second exclusive mix! This time it’s from Broken Chip and it seems like another exercise in squeezing in as many as my favourite artists as possible. I don’t know how he knew but any mix containing Stars Of The Lid has my vote. Also melting Loscil into Panda Bear is sheer brilliance!

If you enjoyed the previous exclusive ambient set from Gentleforce, then you need to add this to your collection sharpish.

1. Broken Chip - Midday sun field recording
2. Odd Nosdam - Clouded (0.35min)
3. Bibio - Cherry Blossom Road (3.03min)
4. Boards of Canada - Dawn Chorus (4.26min)
5. Helios - The Toy Garden (8.40min)
6. Müm - Sing Me Out The Window (10.50min)
7. Peter Broderick - Moment (15.09min)
8. Stars of the Lid - Hiberner Toujours (17.19min)
9. Tiny Vipers - Twilight Property (18.52min)
10. Broken Chip - From the sea (26.00min)
11. Loscil - Zephyr (29.50min)
12. Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica (34.30min)


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