Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Burnkane Mix for MUSICBOX™ / Diveristy FM

I discovered this guy from listening to the samples on the Planet Mu website and I was instantly impressed with the production and his ability to get something totally new from the dubstep template - it's still spawning so many awesome sounds! I bought the recordmp3 but only listened to it a few times. Listening the other day I was wondering how his other stuff was going to sound. So I went and found this mix. Not the most interesting story but the result is you lot getting some more music.

From the Musicbox show on Diversity FM, 10 December 2009.

Burnkane - Don't You Think Its Time
Burnkane - Never Break Your Heart
Burnkane - Honey Jar
Burnkane - Screaming Heart
Burnkane - You Left Me Burnkane - Dodgyoof (Dluded Track Remix)
Burnkane - What Are You Waiting For
Burnkane - You Know
Burnkane - Understandable Feeling


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